Maintaining Your Hot Water System: Tips and Best Practices

In the heart of our homes lies a system often unsung but critically essential: the hot water system. This silent workhorse not only powers steaming showers and sanitises our dishes, but also keeps our clothes clean and our comfort at peak in the chillier months. However, much like any other household mainstay, it requires a degree of upkeep – neglecting this can lead to inefficiency, unforeseen breakdowns, and costly emergency repairs.

So, how can one maintain the optimum functionality of their hot water system? Below, we delve into various tips and best practices to ensure your system runs smoothly, providing uninterrupted comfort when you need it most.

  • Regular Inspection Regime

Routine checks are the frontline defence against most appliance troubles, and your hot water system is no exception. At least twice a year, perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire system. Check for any signs of corrosion or leakage around the tank, valves, and associated piping. Don’t overlook the less obvious components like the heating element and thermostat. If these inspections sound daunting or outside of your DIY comfort zone, professional services for hot water system plumbing in Melbourne are just a click away to assist in thorough, regular evaluations.

  • Understanding the Pressure Relief Valve (TPR Valve)

The temperature pressure relief valve is a safety device, and its proper function is non-negotiable. It protects your hot water system from over-pressurising and exploding. At least every six months, lift the valve’s lever – water should rush out, then stop when you close it back. If it continues to drip, this could signal that it’s time for a replacement.

  • Sediment Control

Over time, sediment build-up can be a system’s worst enemy, causing inefficiency and potential damage. Draining and flushing the tank every six to twelve months can significantly prolong your system’s life. This process involves emptying the tank of water and briefly letting it refill while the drain valve is open to clear out sediment. It’s crucial for maintaining energy efficiency and keeping your utility bills in check.

  • Temperature Settings and Insulation

Monitoring and adjusting your water heater’s thermostat can prevent overheating and excess energy use. The optimum temperature is typically around 50-60 degrees Celsius for a storage water heater. On the same note, insulating older units with a hot water heater blanket can help retain heat, reduce energy consumption, and save costs in the long run.

  • Professional Servicing

While there’s much you can do on your own, having a professional plumber conduct an annual hot water system service comes with benefits. Technicians can spot potential issues early, make necessary adjustments, and offer advice tailored to your specific system’s needs. Remember, preventive measures are more cost-effective than repairs necessitated by a breakdown.

  • Upgrade and Replacement

Hot water systems typically have a life expectancy of 8-12 years. Past this point, they’re living on borrowed time and likely costing more in energy and repairs than they’re worth. When the time comes, consult with professionals to explore the most energy-efficient models for replacement, considering factors like your region, water usage, and energy sources.

  • Emergency Preparedness

Always know how to shut off your water heater and water supply. In the event of a system failure, taking immediate action can prevent further damage to your home. Keep contact details of emergency repair services handy, because issues often happen at the least convenient times.

By adopting these tips and best practices, you can ensure that your hot water system continues to operate seamlessly and economically behind the scenes

Here’s to many more years of hot, comforting showers and the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained hot water system!

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