Lumen5 Alternative: Maintain The Social Media Swag

Nowadays, content creation and marketing are about one thing. That is video creation. The more engaging the intro video is, the more attention you get. Attention brings you bucks. So better to invest your time, skill, and sometimes money in something worth the hassle.  

If we are talking about social media video editing, Lumen5 is a master here. You can make a video for a Facebook post on a 1:1 ratio. For YouTube or other video-sharing apps on a 9:16 balance, or you can customize your shape and size.  

Now to add more diversity to your editing skills, let’s get to know more about some Lumen5 alternatives

The best bidder for the top place now is the Mango Animation Maker.

Mango Animation Maker 

Mango is a social media sensation. It is making the animation making industry grow and more fun since 2003. You can create stunning social media videos, promotional videos, training videos, GIFs, marketing videos, presentations, and many more.

Besides, you don’t need to be an expert vector artist or animator to animate your story now. Mango animate will do the hassle for you so that you can concentrate on data and business more.

Features of Mango Animations

Online Canvas 

You can choose from offline stocked or online open-source canvas for your background. Enhance, illuminate, add images to make it more happening. 

Editable Templates 

There are many ready to edit templates, still, pictures, and animation clips to use. Just drag and drop to your canvas and play.

Character Animations

Mango has some pre-made animated characters like the doctor, teacher, students, nurse, and such. There are about forty ready to be used character templates. You can convey your dialogues and messages through them. It will increase your videos reach and engagement. 

This feature is helping Mango animate to stand out. Lumen5 does not have quality. Most of the animation makers lack this one. 

Subtitle and translation

If you are making a video for global audiences, chances are there that some regions will not get your accent. Some are used to original ancient accents. To reach out to everyone, add text and subtitle below the screen.

If the video is not in some popular or English language, you can add English or two to three different language subtitles below. It will help to engage people more in your idea. 

Pro Editing Features 

Camera Control

To give a different angle to your video, zoom, rotate, or change the shooting filter. You can control the frame rate, drop rate, background, foreground, and animation timings at once. 

Subtle Transitions 

To present your business proposal, smartly make it engaging. With the Mango Animation maker, the job is more manageable. Use classy transition effects to make your videos look professional. 

Customized Template

You can avail of custom templates designed by experts for your video, according to choice. Mango Business Video Maker is the best option for this. This video maker is a supporting software of Mango Animation corp.


You can animate everything from ABCs. Mango Animation maker has a 3D animation facility. 2D, vector designing, whiteboard png, and character development is also possible in Mango supporting softwares.

Advantages of Mango Over Lumen5

The reasons you should choose Mango Animation Maker over Lumen5 are

– Mango is cheaper. You get all these features for 67$ only. The subscription is a lifetime. Lumen5 needs a yearly subscription.

– There is no character animation option in Lumen5, like in Mango Animator.

– Mango is Diverse and adaptive to changes.

– Mango animation maker is user friendly. 


Lumen5 is a must-have software for social media marketing and promo ad shoot. But Mango animation makers are no less to robust your work and efforts. 

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