LoRa Applications in Modern Military

IoT and LoRa technology has been growing at an explosive rate. Different businesses are already using these technologies to automate, simplify, and improve their existing processes. Along with other fields of life, LoRa applications can be useful for defense and military .

Many countries have already deployed this technology in their military to stay one step ahead. So, if you’re unsure how LoRa technology can be used in the military, this article is for you. 

Here we’ll discuss the practical application of LoRa technology in military fields. So, without any further ado, let’s start. 

What Is LoRa Technology?

LoRa technology is a Long-Range communication technology that runs on 900 Megahertz. It provides access to LoRaWAN within a 100-meter radius. It works best in areas where traditional Wi-Fi services don’t work well, for example, in vast areas where buildings and trees block access to Wi-Fi signals.

Therefore, the military wanted to explore technology that works best in dense areas. They found LoRaWAN to be helpful in such areas.  

Why Is LoRa Technology Essential for the Military?

It’s essential for nations to mobilize their armed forces to ensure that their borders are safe from military attacks by enemy troops. When soldiers perform their duties, countries can live peacefully. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the armed forces to protect the honor of the country. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the state to provide all the resources to their military that they need. 

Military communication is the most important because it ensures data transmission between different groups. Therefore, technologies like LoRa are handy for military communication. These technologies ensure smooth data transmission even in dense areas.

With this technology, the military can keep an eye on the health and safety of their soldiers. It has many other practical applications that will be discussed in the next section. 

LoRa Applications in Military and Defense 

Nowadays, military operations are getting complex and unpredictable. Therefore, military personnel remain pressurized. But the good news is that the latest technologies, like IoT, can help soldiers take suitable actions even in pressurized environments. The Internet of Things applications  in military and defense are listed below. 

Gathering Battlefield Data with Drones

Aerial drones are now equipped with sensors and cameras that help military personnel survey the battlefield. With these drones, they can trace the location of enemies, capture live images, and send real-time data to the command center. As a result, top authorities can use this data to make timely decisions. 

Help Monitor the Health of Soldiers 

It’s another important application of LoRa technology in the military. IoT and LoRaWAN can help monitor the health of soldiers. For example, sensors are placed in soldiers’ clothes to monitor their mental and physical health. These sensors are smart enough to monitor speech patterns, body temperature, heart rate, and thermal distribution. 

This data about soldiers’ health is shared with doctors in real-time. As a result, doctors can arrange the required equipment and supplements. 

Military Vehicles Management

It’s essential for military vehicles to be in good condition. Otherwise, they won’t be able to transport troops for military operations on time. Vehicles are equipped with sensors and LoRaWAN technology provides real-time data so that army personnel can track supplies and ensure the presence of troops on the battlefield. 

Another benefit of using sensors in military vehicles is to track their position, engine status, damage level, and fuel efficiency. This smart tracking helps military personnel identify inconsistencies. Moreover, it helps reduce transportation costs. 

LoRa sensors are capable of tracking unmanned equipment, arms, and ammunition. In addition, these sensors can be integrated into weapons so that soldiers can understand when to reload the weapon. 

Biometric Data Can Help Identify Enemies 

Enemies try to access military bases as civilians. But when LoRa sensors are installed, they can capture fingerprints, and with the help of biometric data, it’s possible to identify the person who poses threats. 

Location Monitoring

Soldiers can get lost or missing during battlefield fights. When GPS sensors are placed in their clothes, it ensures that you can monitor their exact location. Moreover, it can be used to track the movement of enemies as well. 

Make Military Bases Smart

When LoRa-based devices are incorporated into military bases, it helps improve the convenience, performance, and efficiency of assets in bases. Moreover, bases can use LoRaWAN technology to make resource management automated. For example, they can help manage resources like water and electricity and improve the overall output of military bases. 

Data Processing and Analysis

As mentioned earlier, IoT-based sensors can help gather information about weapons, fleets, troops, and military bases. As a result, this information can help improve intelligence, security, and surveillance systems. Moreover, armed forces can use this data to identify threats. As a result, they can take preventive measures. 

Remote Training 

Advanced technologies like IoT can help armed forces to prepare their personnel for battlefield fights. Sensors help coaches to monitor personnel during their practice. So, coaches can check performance and give instructions remotely. 


As the world is participating more in anti-military activities, the use of advanced technologies in the military has become essential. The best thing about LoRa technology is it can be easily incorporated into the existing infrastructure. This technology can significantly reduce lives and equipment losses. We have covered some practical LoRa applications in the military. 

Various companies offer sensor design and manufacturing services. But you can’t trust every company for LoRa technology services. So armed forces and other institutions can contact Arshon Technology at to get the best LoRa technology services. Why are we confident about our services? Because we have vast experience in this field. 

Author: Anna Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer at Arshon Technology Inc.

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