Lookin’ for Some London Lovin’? Pretty Restaurants To Visit

The menu is substantial on rustic Italian food, with a tasty range of newly-made pasta and other enthusiastic mains

Date nights. I miss those. That one special night you set aside from all the other days of your week to dress up and look extra beautiful for your special someone. You go out, have fun, and dine at a fancy restaurant. Times sure have changed, due to the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have slowed down, some of the finest restaurants have been shut down, and date nights have been temporarily put on hold. But, just like any other woman who’s had her fair share of bad dates before finding the right one, I believe that we will all bounce back from this.

And, when that magical moment arrives, you’ll need a refresher to some of the loveliest restaurants to celebrate date nights again with your special someone. For those of you who are single, or like meeting new people when you move to London, this is for you as well. Great things come to those who wait. Here are some of the prettiest restaurants in London that you simply cannot miss when you’re in town:

1. sketch – Mayfair. Probably the most beautiful restaurant in Mayfair. It’s like a magical forest with chairs wearing ballet shoes and hot pink sofas as far as the eye can see. It’s also a hub of four separate restaurants: The Gallery, The Lecture Room, The Parlour, and The Glade. A meal at sketch is not an everyday possibility, but for truly special occasions and if you’re feeling extra fancy, this restaurant is the best option for you.

2. Maggie Jones’s – Kensington. This ravishing and rustic Kensington restaurant is disguised as a quaint, wooden, candlelit cottage, that offers its diners a sense of pure escapism. It’s designed to look like a rural farmhouse and specializes in delectable dishes like venison and mash, and guinea fowl in white wine sauce.

3. 14 Hills – City of London. Probably the prettiest sky-high restaurant in London. 14 Hills restaurant houses the most aesthetic interiors, a lively late-night bar, and spectacular views over London. Other than romantic dinners, they’re also open for breakfast, brunch, even end-of-the-night cocktails. Watch the sun as it rises or falls over London while enjoying a hearty meal in this beautiful restaurant.

4. Mari Vanna – Knightsbridge. This restaurant’s Russian elegance and decor are extremely photogenic. Chintzy furniture, chandeliers, and upmarket crockery. The dishes here are delightfully heavy on the carbs like pirogis, borscht, and beef stroganoff.

5. Bob Bob Ricard – Soho. This restaurant’s design is an absolute treat for the eyes, with a vintage interior of blue leather and gold accents from the dining area to the bar. The menu offers a luxury of British and Russian comfort food, but the real appeal of this restaurant is the shiny, gold button you can find on each table that’s marked: “Press for champagne,” and a staff member will immediately attend to your table to supply more bubbles.

6. Cafe Laville – Little Venice. As soon as you walk through the doors of this nice Italian cafe in the lovely part of West London, you’ll see the best thing that Cafe Laville has to offer: a stunning view of Regent’s canal. The experience here is extra special during the summertime when the glass doors are thrown open for al fresco dining. The menu is heavy on rustic, Italian food with a tasty range of freshly-made pasta and other hearty mains.

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