Long Distance Moving Tip

Whether you’re considering relocating to another state or a several miles from your residential address, long-distance moves can be a handful and slightly difficult to pull. From the pre-packing stage to when you pack and the D-day, it’s important you expertly handle every situation till you reach your new apartment. We’ve drawn out some long distance moving tips to help you solve the puzzle pieces for your relocation plans.

1. Pre-packing

Relocating without having a basic setup will make the whole process tiring and simply impossible. To be ready for the actual move, it’s always ideal to have a general idea of how to start and when to get ready for the move. This stage will make the moving day a lot easier and fun.

1.1. Make a Plan

You’re considering moving to a new place but do not have a working strategy. Relocating to another state means you have to create a detailed list or plan how to move your living equipment to your new place. Many first-time movers love to stick with the flow of events. However, an organized plan , will make your next action clear in every stage, from packing to the D-day. So, always jot down every ideas you can think of to make your trip easy.

1.2. Employ a Reputable Moving Company

After researching as much relocation agencies as you can and getting various estimates, make sure to compare the estimates to choose one with favorable quote and contract. Then, check for their accreditation, licensing, insurance plan, and check that they are reliable before hiring them. Remember that all that glitters isn’t gold. A big-name brand may have an appealing estimate. But, if you find out that their customer’s reviews aren’t noteworthy, then get a reputable company you can trust.

1.3. Update Important Documents

Relocating outside the state without updating your information like your new address and phone number can be risky. How? You fail to get information faster and may have loads of important documents killing up and unattended. Updating your important documents means a stress-filled day for you. So, ensure that you know what documents should be updated on time before relocation day.

2. Packing

You may thinks it’s easy to fold up your belongings and wrap them in a box. But, it’s not as easy as it seems. Packing for a long-distance move requires skilled packing techniques. These tips for moving long distance shows you how to pack your items.

2.1. Prioritize Your Essentials

As you box up your belongings, prioritize essentials you will need during the trip including, documents like your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and social security card. Documents like recent bank statements and tax returns usually come in handy during long-distance trips. You also want to keep items like the first aid box, toiletries, sleeping materials, change of clothes, and other personal necessities you may need during the trip. This trick keeps you comfortable for weeks before you decide to set up your home furnishings.

2.2. Pack Boxes with Distance in Mind

One of the biggest problems many first-time movers face is that they pack their belongings like they usually do when on a trip within the city. Know that you are embarking on a long-distance move and you have fragile household items you need to ensure their safety. So, make sure to wrap fragile items with a towel, paper, old shirt, or bubble wrap to keep them from breaking. Also, organize your belongings accordingly, so that they are kept away from sharp objects.

2.3. Organize Belongings as you Pack

When you’re moving across the country, and organized setting will make the work easier when unpacking your items. Instead of randomly throwing things in your packing bag, box your household items by room. Then, mark the boxes or create an inventory list by marking them with numbers. This way, you know what goes into what room.

2.4. Label Boxes with Your Name

Put a name tag on your box. Chances are your belongings will be kept with other items not belonging to you. By labeling boxes with your name, you keep your belongings from getting mixed with other people’s item. Sometimes writing your phone number on the box also helps you get the box safely to its location.

2.5. Save Money Where You Can

Relocating is not just time-consuming and stressful, but also expensive. There’s always a chance that expenses may arise, and you’ll have to cover for them. Sometimes, you’re on a restricted budget and wouldn’t want to spend more than you can offer. To save cost, the DIY route may just be your go-to. Try packing your belongings yourself, hire a moving truck and get loved ones to help load the truck on moving day.

3. Move

You’re done with the pre-packing and packing stage and it’s getting close to the D-day. Whether you choose to hire professionals or drive yourself, these moving long distance tips will ensure a smooth move.

3.1. Move During Off-Season

Summer is probably one of the most expensive seasons to choose your relocation date. To lower expenses, plan to move during the off-season. Try the weekdays and you’ll get a cheap offer.

3.2. Triple-check Your Belongings before the Movers Leave

If during the packing stage, you made a list of your belongings, then it’s good news for you. With this list, you can easily check if your belongings are complete, and you wouldn’t have to leave anything behind. The best part, you quickly notice when you’ve got a missing item.

3.3. Tip Your Long Distance Movers

Tipping your long distance movers not only keeps your living equipment safe but also shows that you value their effort and hard work to safeguarding your belongings, especially when they’ve done an exceptional job.


Relocating long-distance can be a fun and stress-free activity done properly. Easily find your way to your new home with these long distance hacks, and you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind during the move.

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