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Living Room Furniture Ideas For A Family Of Four

Sitting with family members over a meal or watching television together has slowly become a matter of the past. With an increase in work from home options and online schooling, almost every family member has a task to attend in their own cosy spaces within the same house. That’s why it is important to create a common area sheerly for the purpose of relaxation, bonding, peace and to unwind with each other over board games, television, conversation, hobbies; the list is endless. So make your living room the most friendly yet cosy space to host your personal evening soirees with family and loved ones with our living room furniture ideas listed below:

Factors to Consider before Picking Furniture for your Living Room

Investing in furniture is serious. It is expensive, and so, it is important to choose it wisely. Experts from Wakefit opine that the common mistakes made when picking furniture are:

  • Size

Picking the wrong size can leave you with furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb in the living room. Ensure to measure up your space well so you know exactly how much space you have to play around with and how much you can fit in.

  • Colour Clash

Furniture looks amazing in interior designing magazines. However, it’s important to understand your personal colour theme and scheme and pick furniture that matches the rest of your living room.

  • Cost

Most retail stores will market the age-old gimmick of buying in bundles. Steer clear from this mistake to avoid unnecessary furniture and clutter in your space. If it is not needed, even if it were for free, please don’t take it! Instead, browse for furniture online as most online stores offer genuine discounts on their items (saving on middle man fee’s etc.). Avail of these for maximum benefit.

  • Installation

Most urban dwellers live nomadic life. The last thing you need is heavy furniture that cannot be dismantled or moved around easily without the use of skilled labour and tools.

  • Maintenance

Choosing beauty over comfort can prove expensive to your pocket. Instead, pick furniture that’s easy to clean and maintain at home.

Style your Home with these Tips

1. Space-saving Furniture

We cannot stress the importance of smart and space-saving furniture enough. For example, a wholesome TV unit can take up a whole wall and floor space just to host a tv and, if you are lucky, to hide clutter in the draws that come with it. Instead, invest in furniture from brands like Wakefit that offer wall mounting options that are aesthetic, have storage options and leave the floor empty. The last point makes the room feel airier and more spacious.

2. Organise Wall Clutter

Continuing with the point above, invest in wall shelves that will neatly store and display your beloved artefacts, valuables and memories. Try to mix and match using a variety of textures like weave baskets that can be tucked into the unit to store tech items like iPads, chargers, headphones etc. This adds a cosy finish to the wall while storing away items that are used regularly.

3. Wall Gallery

There’s nothing more enticing than a wall that can act as a conversation starter. Print pictures of your family from vacations, milestones, etc., and frame them in thin black frames to give an organised finish. Not much a fan of putting up personal pictures in a common area? Why not go all out and print your children’s favourite artwork and frame them up. This will add a colourful, zesty look to your living room décor, especially when the above sofa sets are bold or single in colour.

4. Bookshelf

Yet another conversation starter, having a bookshelf in your living room can create curiosity among your guests and family alike. Browse through the various titles that have stories to tell. Engage in a cosy evening with family by picking books from the bookshelf or wall shelf and share excerpts from it that touched you the most. Worried if it’ll take up too much space? Opt for ladder inspired shelves like the Wakefit Elliot Bookshelf that’s not just quirky and eclectic in design but doesn’t take much space. Feeling adventurous? Decorate the bookshelf with a mix of planters, fish bowels, prized possessions and artefacts that add an urban finish. Choosing warm colours like walnut browns ensures that it blends with whatever theme you have chosen for the rest of the room.

5. Multi-purpose Space

Create a corner in your living room that can host multiple purposes. Use floating shelves on the walls of this corner, securing them with brackets for safety. Use pouffe’s or chairs under these so this area can be transformed into a workspace as required while not giving away an ‘office like’ formal feel. During other times, use the pouffes readily as extra seating options when you have friends over.

6. A Hidden Bed

That’s right! Grab onto furniture that’s a smart seat during the day but can transform into a cosy bed in under a minute when you want to lie in. Cuddle with your family members when watching TV and catch a snooze comfortably when needed and fold the bed back into its original position when not in use. Ensure to pick a fabric that’s comfortable to your skin, easy to maintain and goes well with the décor. Prop some colourful and bold cushions with text on them to add furore to the seating.

7. Plants

Nothing makes a home look cosier and more nestled than a spark of green in the living room. Add planters and other indoor potted plants that add vigour to your space. Prop them on your side tables or hang them from the ceiling to add movement to your living room décor.

8. Extra Storage

Use coffee tables with extra storage space underneath that can hide your snacks to munch on while watching TV together. Better yet, store away board games, and bulky albums underneath that can be pulled out when you have everyone together.

A house becomes a home when family members come together and create memories. So invest in the right furniture to engage with your loved ones while creating many happy memories together.

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