Listen popular track “I Don’t Like People, But I Like you” ft Midnightview


Music is the most powerful drug for mankind to evoke strong emotions and feelings. Whether it can be a love song or sad song good music always connects with listeners in a deeper emotional level. A good music helps people to express themselves in a way that words cannot express the feelings properly. By listening to good music people easily can feel their thoughts and experiences. Music can bring people together who believes in common interests and create a sense of similar community. So if you looking for a good music than you can choose the upcoming single track of Midnightview. It is coming with the title of “I Don’t Like People, But I like you”. This song is all about how you feel about your loved ones and how much you want them in your life.

Benefits of listening to good music:

When you listen to a good musical your body experiences a huge health benefit. Music has a calming effect on the body and can help reduce stress and anxiety. When we are listening to good music our brain releases a healthy dose of dopamine. It is a kind of naturally occurring happy chemical released by our brain as a part of a reward system. Listening to music can be simply enjoyable and pleasurable, whether it’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head or a beautiful melody that brings joy to your heart.

Who is Midnightview?

We know the favorite music producer Midnightview because of his dedicated creations in music. The real name of Midnightview is Ricardo McLean. He is also known as Nev Smith. He was born in Jamaica. Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Currently he is living in Hollywood, CA, United State. He works as a musician, discographer. He is a well known face in the music industry since 15 years ago.


I Don’t Like People, But I like you” is actually a great song you can dedicate  to your loved ones in order to inspire them and we are sure it will bring pure joy to them who gets dedicated to this song specially. This music will give you constant companion during both the good times and the bad. Because the lyrics written by Midnightview  have meanings of a deep level and it will help you to feel less alone.

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