List of Best Passbook Printers out there for businesses

Passbook Printing Kiosk – An advanced automated kiosk that allows customers to print their account books for savings, time deposits, and PPF accounts. The kiosk obtains the account transaction details and publishes them in your ledger.

The facility is available 24 hours a day, even after branch hours, and is open to customers. Here is a list of the best passbook printer out there: Forever Studios photo scanning service is a simple way to scan your photos to high resolution digital files

MB2 ledger printer

The MB2 Passbook printer is an office multifunction printer for banks, mortgage companies, and loans. Its ultra-compact dimensions and a wide range of features make MB2 easy to install in the main office and support additional applications.

MB2 is an ideal tool for document platform solutions, allowing tellers to retrieve text and images directly. Features like Optical Character Recognition and Magnetic Code Line Recognition (MICR) are just two of the many options available. MB2 is compatible with the applications currently implemented in PR2, the most successful bank printer in the world.

  • A4 duplex scanner, black and white, grayscale, color up to 600 dpi
  • 24-point dot matrix printer with automatic borders and automatic adjustment function
  • USB 2.0 hub with three ports, including the front port
  • Show machine and app message launcher

PR2Plus Ledger Scanner

PR2Plus Passbook, the PR2Plus family is built with various models, from entry-level versions to double-sided scanner models (previous MB2 models) to meet multifunctional central office applications. You can print on all bank forms, from a single document or multiple copies of a document to pass the book.

The Olivetti Passbook PR2Plus offers a complete solution for bank tellers.

  • One of the littlest and calmest models in its item class
  • Excellent print speed
  • Processing all bank forms
  • Read and write a magnetic tape
  • Double-sided color scanning services (MB-2)
  • Superfast alignment

MB2ADF Mobile Printer

MB2ADF is the latest addition to the Olivetti PR2 Plus family, scanner, and check reader in one compact device.

MB2ADF can process ID cards, various documents, books, and passports and can also process checks to enable bill payment.

Documents and checks are inserted in front of the machine and printed on top. This not only provides quick and easy access but also saves space. MB2ADF is one of the most versatile and multifunctional printer/scanners currently on the market, with the versatility to manage a wide range of documents and the ability to read OCR, barcodes, and MICR. ..

  • Management of all types of units and bank account books
  • High-speed automatic alignment
  • Built-in automatic document feeder
  • Two operators can share it
  • Built-in dual exit sort tray
  • Maximum print speed of up to 560 cps (vhsd mode)
  • Multiple interfaces, including LAN with built-in image compression
  • Easy to use

A600 laptop printer

Document Scanner A600 the Oliscan A600 is a dual-color scanner specially designed for bank tellers. A solitary printer for filtering checks and A4 documents.

In particular, the device scans all documents (from A4 format to credit card formats, including ID cards) and also reads MICR code lines for validation, OCR data, and barcodes.

The A600 is one of the smallest and quietest scanners in its class, optimizing space usage at checkout counters.

  • A4 duplex scanner
  • The resolution is 600dpi
  • Up to 40 pages per minute
  • Automatic paper feed unit for up to 30 sheets
  • Manage bank forms, including complex and small documents
  • Barcode scanning, MICR, and OCR
  • Very easy to use
  • Built-in MICR reader, ID, authentication card reader (optional)
  • UV reading to verify bank check verification (optional)

A600K Open Frame Ledger Printer

A600K Open Frame Passbook Printer is the only scanner that combines a check reader (MICR) and a document scanner in one device that seamlessly integrates into a self-service kiosk and ATM.

Printers are hardware devices that allow you to make copies of your documents. You can use them to create hard copies of your documents or scan your documents to digitize them. Documents can be of any type including text files, images, or a combination of these two types.

If you prefer to scan your photos to digitize them, then you should look for photo scanning services. Because buying a scanner might be expensive. Forever Studio is one of the best photo scanning services available out there.

Thanks to its incomparably small footprint, upgrading an existing self-service system is very easy and cheap without having to redesign the currently installed base. Unique devices with a patented automatic alignment system avoid errors and improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.

Today, the Oliscan A600K is being extensively deployed by major ATM providers as part of a significant branch switching project.

  • MICR Reader: Magnetic MICR Code Line Recognition (CMC7 / E13B)
  • Dual Feed Sensor-Ultrasonic sensor detects double document feed
  • Automatic Adjustment Unit-Patented error-free automatic adjustment technology (optional)
  • Inkjet prescan head: Single line for long edge printing for paper feed to support verification and document protocols (factory option)
  • Software: TWAIN driver, XFS Wosa service provider, software development kit (test tool, API)

M355Plus Passbook Printer

The M355Plus passbook printer combines all PR2 Plus printing capabilities with continuous dozer back document processing capabilities for managing all types of documents in bank branches and other industries.

Equipped with a 24-dot matrix print head, it has a large number of characters per second and high production capacity.

The M355Plus is the only device in the world that can be used for continuous prototype processing, notebook printing, and R & W with magnetic strips.

PR9 laptop printer

As the most economical product on the market today, the PR9 niche printer is designed to be one of the most advanced solutions for banking and financial services.

PR9 handles a variety of formats and thicknesses, including single sheets up to A4 size, passbooks, coupons, tickets, and multiple copy forms.

Its excellent document processing features (automatic alignment and automatic document thickness adjustment) allow you to quickly and efficiently process documents of different thicknesses inserted in any position at different angles.

  • The excellent document processing function
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy integration

Conclusion: So from the above passbook printer, you can choose the best one according to your requirements.

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