Most customers expect that to get high quality and good performing solar battery in Kenya you have to spend high too of which is true to some point. But to be sincere, in the current market, solar battery prices will amaze you. This article articulates why it is of importance to come to terms with the solar battery prices before planning on whether to install or not.

There are different types of solar batteries in Kenya with varying prices and different quality performance. Before you can even think about installing a solar system in your either home on wherever you are intending on, you should come to terms with the following issues and factors you may have to consider in determining which solar battery you may go for in regard to its price:

Solar batteries price range

Knowing the general range of the cost of solar batteries can help you in tracking the best and quality performing solar storage batteries within your specified budget. This helps also in comparing different solar battery dealers prices and the varying product quality.

In the current market, you can get solar batteries ranging from 50$ up to 800$ depending on the size, quality specifications and other features which vary. Also, the brand of the solar battery can determine the price of the battery.

Battery maintenance cost

Determining which solar battery to purchase in regard to its price is very important. In the current market, solar battery prices in Kenya are mainly dictated by the brand popularity and competitors prices for the same product regardless of product maintenance cost.

It is very important to consider too the product maintenance cost before purchasing the product. The initial product cost may be quite too high compared to an alternative product but may have a very low maintenance cost. For example in Kenya, the initial cost of Dry cell solar battery is high compared to that of an acid solar battery.

The maintenance cost for the acid solar battery is high and is required to be done regularly while Dry cell batteries need just little maintenance. Thus it’s better to purchase high and maintain low.


The cost of purchasing and installing a solar battery in Kenya to create a complete solar system is far much more promising than using an alternative power source. Regardless of whether solar battery prices in Kenya are high or low, it has been proved to be the most recent preference many individuals are settling for compared to depending on state electricity.

Thus, it’s good to understand that you don’t have to look at the purchase price of a solar battery in the perspective of cost price, but the cost-benefit attached to it.

Solar battery options

In order to choose the best solar battery storage, there are different options you have to consider on top of barely concentrating on the price factor only. Dealers offering products with the best warranty policy and also best product specifications should be considered. You should compare the prices of different battery types and their specifications to get the best product.

Different solar battery types from different manufacturers offer different qualities and you have to scrutinize their specifications thoroughly in order to get the best taste for you within your budget.

Product lifespan

The price of solar battery in Kenya can be dictated by the product’s lifespan. To increase batteries’ life span, good maintenance is required. It’s important to acquire a product with the longest life span but it’s quite necessary to ensure proper maintenance measures are done.

If you need to get the best product in the market, within your budget, you should ensure that first, you understand why some products which seem to be relatively the same may have different prices. Solar battery prices in Kenya adhere to this trend of product pricing and thus there is a need for more research before a purchase decision is reached. For more information, visit

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