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Learn Some Stunning Ideas for Screen Rooms in Your Home Where You Are Living

Gone are the days with aluminum screens which used to get dents and oxidize mostly in the coastal areas. With modern technologies, screen rooms now appear great with very low maintenance that also lasts for a decade. The advanced mesh technology can help in protecting from sun, wind, and also from insects. If you are willing to add screen rooms, these ideas can be of help to you.

Turn the Ground Floor Deck to a Screen Room

When you have a two-story deck, you can turn the ground-floor deck into a screen room. This layout will help in increasing the square footage by adding some extra living space. The space can be utilized for entertaining, and relaxing, and even can be used as a home office. You can obtain the most of your investment by efficiently using the screen room. Without any worries about sunburn and bugs, your screen room can be a relaxing place to enjoy.

Include a Fire Pit Patio to Your Screen Room

If you combine a fire pit patio with your screen room, the functionality increases a lot. The layout allows enjoying the space throughout the year. When the heat is unbearable during the summer, you can stay cool inside the screen rooms avoiding the bugs. The fire pit can be used in winter or in cold evenings. The outdoor experience can be enjoyed with the stars over your head and flames flickering in your front. Sharing stories and stargazing activities can be enjoyed in the best possible manner on your fire pit patio in your screen rooms. The uniquedeck.com can provide you with mesmerizing ideas for increasing the utilities of your screen rooms.

Turn Your Porch into Screen Rooms

Your existing porch can be turned into a screen room. The doors can be adjusted to your requirements whether to add in sides or in front. The flooring can also be customized if the deck is built up of concrete surfaces. You can test the surface whether is smooth or not, by walking barefoot on it.

Use Your Deck for Added Functionalities

The deck can be used with different amenities as per your requirements. Your outdoor space with the screen room can be used for cooking, enjoying a party with friends, or soothing your foot in a hot tub after a long tiring day. You will just find plenty of reasons to stay outdoors in your screen rooms. The multifunctional screen rooms can provide you with entertainment, regardless you are spending alone time or hosting a group of friends or guests.

Combine Screen Room with Patio and Deck

When the deck is not large enough, you can add a patio to it for using them for large gatherings. The screen room protects from harsh natural elements like wind and Sun and also prevents bugs. A combination of the three can create magic.


While customizing your screen rooms, you should go by your requirements. You will find a lot of reasons for staying outdoors in your screen rooms with company or all alone. You can combine and mix and match the designs with the deck and patio to obtain more functionality.

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