Leading Jewelry manufacturers In The USA

The firm provides declaration collars, pearl joys, and acrylic resins, including products made by hand. In its New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas showrooms, Zenzii shows its goods.

The Top Jewelry Producers In the USA

Mode accessory market is a retailer of fashion accessories that distributes items to small retailers. Via bordering and personalized adhesive personalization, the company will personalize components with logos and monograms. There are accessory custom medals lines for theme jewelry, including holidays, beaches, and western lines.

The company distributes declaration, wedding ceremony and child jewelry, and clothes, and new items. In New York City, Wona Trading runs a showroom and provides shipping to custom medals download.

The company sells online items such as scarves, gloves, hats, hair accessories, gems, and other products. JewelryMax provides shipping, including domestic and overseas shipping in custom medals.

Godfather Jewelry, imported and sold wholesale Championship Rings jewelry, has been under operation since 1983. The jewelry of Godfather distributes show items, boxes and bags as well.

Fashion Bella is based in the fashion district of Los Angeles and sells its products to shops and other companies. The company was formed in 1986 to sell Perl, gemstones, beads, rhinestones, and charms decorated items. Bella Fashion also sells clothes and bags.

DDFL Import is a wholesaler which supplies domestic and international clients with its products. The company has been selling jewelry, hair accessories, new products, and cosmetics in the industry since 2005. The Championship Rings   company periodically updates its website when its effects are retrieved Custom Pendants.

The Welman Group is a wholesaler online. The Welman Group sells gift items, such as bookmarks and golf ball marks, in addition to jewelry.

Stuller, Inc., introduced above, has a wide variety of delicate jewelry fabrications from metal Diamond cutting and stone setting production. The business provides digital design services and consumer tools for designing their designs.

Au Enterprises, Inc., specialized in casting, CAD, and CAM services in companies since 1897. The business uses precious and non-precious metals, ensuring that its products are environmentally sustainable and free of conflicts. The projects at Au Enterprises included historical leisure and retro jewelry for T.V. shows.

For artists, dealers, e-commerce shops, and Championship Rings wholesalers, Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc. produces personalized gemstones. For its customers, the company may produce custom metal alloys. Lee’s Manufacture provides design, stone layout Fantasy Football Rings, placing, and performance services.

Established in 1987, Casting House serves U.S. and foreign customers. The firm provides a private label range of jewelry pieces that can be personalized with various accent and stone choices. Furthermore, Casting House uses its custom design, rapid prototyping, and the work of metals.

America Custom Pendants Gemstone Group is an American Gemstone Authority affiliate, LLC headquartered in Las Vegas and operates a Bangkok-based, Thailand jewelry factory. The American Gemstone Group designs jewelry pieces remotely for its clients and provides a complete range of manufacturing services.

Custom fashion jewels is a large volume custom made jewelry manufacturer that uses gold, silver, diamond, Fantasy Football Rings and brass. The business manages every phase of the manufacturing process, from design to casting Custom Pendants and finishing. Custom Fashion Jewels also operates a plant Fantasy Football Rings in China, with its headquarters in Burbank.

The company since 1840, Robert Bartholomew, Ltd., provides manufacturing services of jewelry through its subsidiary, R.B. Jeweler Services. The company offers private labeling and customized fabrication services, ranging from metal casting and pulling to finishing and graving. The firm MKM Jewelry, Inc. Custom Pendants delivers custom jewelry, including recycled and environmentally friendly materials crafted from precious and non-precious metals. The company offers design, welding, casting, gravure, stone setting, and boarding. MKM Jewelry undertakes big and small projects

Jewelry helps improve the attractiveness of yourself. It also reflects money, strength, and status. Joys are, for some, a means of art to show themselves and imagination. Some people then use jewelry as part of their culture and tradition. Although their significance and relevance can vary, they all play an essential role.


Joys play a symbolic role in Indian culture. They have ethnic and spiritual significance, especially in marriages. The jewels the bride wears indicate she will become part of the extended family of her husband. According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global jewelry market size was USD 330.0 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 266.53 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period.

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