Landbased Casino in Arabic countries: from complete ban to the source of national income

Islam is considered a very strict religion. It prohibits not only alcohol but also gambling. This is due to the fact that by gambling, you can quickly get rich in an instant and just as quickly be left with nothing.

It is these temptations & extremes that Islam condemns and it is for this reason that casinos do not have support in Arabic countries. Nevertheless, despite the prohibitions of the Koran, legal casinos flourish in Muslim countries and bring their owners a good income.

Attitude towards casinos in Arabic countries on the example of the UAE

The situation with the gambling business in the United Arab Emirates is very strict. The government has introduced a complete legal ban on all gambling. Nevertheless, the gambling business exists, only it is not advertised.

Recently, the UAE government is increasingly thinking about lifting the ban on gambling, due to the state of the economy of such luxury cities as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Wealthy tourists are unhappy that they spend a lot of money on accommodation and services, but they cannot get everything that they want. Therefore, hotel owners are forced to ignore the requirements of Islam in favor of their business. The casinos here operate in the form of a few casino hotels and hippodromes.

Those who do not want to take risks can try their luck at 888casino on Kuwait-Casino or any other online bookmaker. Any tourist from Europe or the USA can register and play online roulette, video slots or poker at online casino Kuwait right from their hotel room, by funding their account from their bank account. There are also several payment methods for Arab people too, for example, UAEFTS, SWIFT, PayPal, Telr or Payfort.

Casinos in Morocco

The Moroccan government is very soft and liberal towards the gambling business. Therefore, it is here that there are about 10 luxury gambling complexes, where anyone can test their luck.

In order not to provoke indignation from Muslims, the opening of a casino in arabic country is explained by the need to attract tourists. Thus, the entertainment complex Mazagan Beach Resort, opened in 2010, was located exactly so that there were no competitors around 270 km. The complex provides an entertainment program for clients, game rooms with various Arab casino games, a free bar for clients, and interesting design of the halls. All this attracts not only tourists but also local residents. Not everyone has the willpower to resist the temptation and excitement that permeates the atmosphere around.

Gambling in Lebanon

The territory of Lebanon, in contrast to most Arab countries, was deprived of natural oil reserves in huge quantities, which means that the Lebanese economy is deprived of “oil dollars”. However, the local authorities found an original way out of this situation, namely, they legalized gambling, which at all times brought the lion’s share to the budgets of cities and countries.

The Lebanese authorities legalized gambling and casinos back in 1959. Therefore, an open casino called Casino du Liban, located in Beirut is considered the largest casino in Arabic countries.

The best casinos of Egypt

In Egypt, you can not only see the mysterious pyramids, relax on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, but also have a good time visiting various entertainment venues. Of course, casinos in Egypt are not as famous as the casinos in Europe, but they provide everyone with the opportunity to play their favorite gambling games and get their dose of adrenaline.

The most famous Egyptian casino is Sinai Grand. The building is a pyramid guarded by huge sphinxes. To visit the gambling site, you need to show your passport. Visitors can play from 6 pm to 6 am. Customers can watch oriental dances, play their favorite games, and even take a taxi home for free if they have played poker.

Sharm El Sheikh is often called the Egyptian Las Vegas, as there are a large number of gambling sites. On its territory are located such famous casinos of Egypt as Ville Resort £ Casino, Casino in Kuwait, Hilton Sharm Resort, DOMINA CORAL BAY RESORT & amp, Casino Royale-Movenpick Jolie, Sinai Grand Casino.

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