Know What CRP Test Is: What Are The Symptoms And Treatment

A C-reactive protein or CRP test is done to determine the amount of C-reactive protein present in an individual’s blood. In this, your blood is drawn and analyzed to check the quantity of a protein known as C-reactive protein present in your blood. Your body’s general degree of inflammation is measured by the C-reactive protein (CRP). Infections, as well as a variety of long-term disorders, can result in elevated levels of CRP. A CRP test, on the other hand, is unable to determine in which the inflammation is occurring or what is generating it. Other tests will be required to determine the source and location of the inflammation, as well as its severity.

The liver is responsible for the production of C-reactive protein (CRP). Whenever there is inflammation in your body, the level of this hormone rises. In addition to coating the walls of your arteries, LDL cholesterol causes them to get clogged with plaque. Inflammation ensues as a result of this damage, and the body attempts to heal itself by dispatching a “reaction team” of proteins known as “acute phase reactants.” CRP is among the proteins in this group. Before you start searching for the CRP test price in Delhi, here’s everything that you must know.

What is the purpose of the CRP test?

What you must know about the CRP test?

The CRP test is used as a broad indicator of inflammation in the body. It is used to assess whether a person’s symptoms are caused by an inflammatory or a non-inflammatory disease. The findings, in conjunction with other studies, may aid in narrowing the list of likely causes. It is also possible to determine if the inflammation is acute (intense and rapid, including an allergic response) or chronic by measuring the CRP level. There are a number of affordable CRP test prices in Delhi available at labs.

Despite the fact that there are certain restrictions on what the test may disclose, it is a pretty accurate method of measuring inflammation. The larger the degree of inflammation in the body, the higher the levels of CRP in the blood.

What are the causes of high CRP levels-

CRP levels that are significantly increased are typically associated with serious illnesses, including bacterial or fungal infections. Infection is accountable for approximately 80% of all deaths.CRP levels of more than 10 mg/L were seen in the majority of the patients.

Occasionally, elevated levels are caused by certain malignancies as well as other illnesses that really can cause considerable inflammation, including pericarditis, which can cause considerable inflammation.

  • COVID-19
  • Pregnancy
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Angina pectoris (myocardial infarction)
  • Cancer
  • Bronchitis
  • A sedentary way of life

How is the test done?

The collection of the sample for such a test would only take a couple of minutes and, therefore, should be reasonably harmless, with the exception of a little needle prick.

It’s a straightforward blood test. A sample is collected from a vein that’s most probably in your arm in this case. There is no need for specific preparation (such as fasting), as the test is not uncomfortable further than a sting just on the arm around where the needle is put during the procedure. It’s possible that the drugs you’re taking will interfere with the test, so ask your doctor whether you should reduce your dosage beforehand. A blood sample is collected and examined at a laboratory. Once you know the CRP test price in Delhi and book the slot, you can get the sample collected.

The results of a CRP test

In most cases, the outcomes of your test would be expressed as mg/dL or mg/L, depending on the laboratory you choose. Your doctor will probably clarify the findings of your testing to you, but then generally, the following is what you should expect:

  • A normal result is less than 10 mg/L of nitrite.
  • A high CRP level result is one that is equal to or more than 10 mg/L.

What are the Symptoms of higher CRP levels?

Several people who do have mild infections or injuries, as well as illnesses that produce persistent inflammation, could suffer symptoms similar to those described above. These are some symptoms-

  • Aches and aches are common.
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Bloating
  • Fever of low intensity
  • Chills

The following are symptoms in the case of acute infection:

  • feverishly
  • a heartbeat that is extremely fast
  • sweating, chills, or shaking that is uncontrollable
  • Having trouble breathing
  • hives or a rash

What is the treatment for high CRP Levels?

Treatment of such an increased CRP in the absence of underlying cardiovascular disease could be ineffective within itself. Rather, the key focus of cardiovascular preventative measures should be on the proper prevention and treatment of the core hazards and illnesses that are present. When CRP levels are elevated, statins are by far the most commonly prescribed medication. Exercise and healthy eating, on the other hand, may help to reduce your CRP levels. Prefer anti-inflammatory meals, including seafood, tuna, and especially plant-based proteins, over inflammatory foods like red meat.


The elevation of CRP levels should be interpreted as a warning sign, and it is imperative that you begin to take steps to reduce all of your cardiovascular risk factors. This includes regular exercise and avoidance of tobacco use, as well as weight loss, dietary modification, and blood pressure control. If you want to know the CRP test price in Delhi, then visit the websites of the best labs online.

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