Keys and tips to clean the exterior of the car quickly and completely

Follow these tips to clean the exterior of your car and remove sand, saltpeter, mosquitoes, and bird droppings from the body.

All drivers dream of always having their car clean, both inside and outside, since an impeccable vehicle conveys a better image than a dirty one. However, for your vehicle to look new, it is necessary that you dedicate time and that you carry out a good cleaning periodically, especially if you park it on the street, where dust, rain, sand, and mosquitoes are become the main enemies to keep it in perfect condition. It should be noted that good cleaning also improves the safety, comfort, and condition of the vehicle. Next, we give you a series of keys and tips so that you can wash your car in a complete, fast, and easy way. Read the entire article for tips and tricks about car cleaning service;


You must be very careful about bilrens with the sand that gets into the grooves of the vehicle and sticks to the bodywork, especially if you live in beach areas since if you do not remove all the remains of sand well before rubbing the car with a sponge or a rag, you will scratch the paint on the bodywork. To remove all the sand, it is best to use pressurized air, although if you do not have this cleaning system, you can use a lance with pressurized water without a brush.

As for the saltpeter, a very thin layer of salt that remains fixed on the bodywork, it is essential that you remove it with water since it is very corrosive and harmful to the paint. If the vehicle has any areas with the paint peeled, the salt could rust the sheet metal.


The bird droppings contain a lot of acids, so you should remove them as soon as possible, because if you do not corrode the body paint. If at the moment you cannot give the car a “shower” with a hose, it is recommended that you use a tissue to remove the excrement and, as soon as you can, finish cleaning it with water. The mosquitoes that get stuck on the front of the car can also cause damage to the paint, so it is also recommended that you remove them as soon as possible with water.


The rims are usually the most neglected parts of the car and it should not be so, since they are not only stained by the dirt on the asphalt, but also by the grease and dust that the brake pads give off.

To clean the rims you need a bucket of warm water, mild soap, a brush, a microfiber cloth, a silicone bristle brush, and some special rim cleaner. It is not advisable to use acidic wheel cleaners, as they can leave stains; the best option will always be a neutral product. These are the steps you must follow to clean the car tires:

Pour in water under pressure to give it a general cleaning.

  • Apply the special product for rims and let it act for the time indicated in the instructions.
  • Scrub with the microfiber cloth or brush.
  • Clean the most difficult gaps with a silicone bristle brush.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.


The fastest and most comfortable method when washing the car is the car wash, although you will get a better result if you wash the car with the pressure hose or by hand with a bucket and a cloth, which is known as “detailing”. The only downside to the last two manual washes is that they take a lot longer.

These are the steps to follow to make your vehicle look shiny and like new:

First of all, you must check that the windows and doors are properly closed. Next, it is best to prewash with water to loosen the dirt. The prewash always has to be done from top to bottom, and in case of using the pressure hose, you must keep a certain distance so as not to lift the paint from the bodywork.

Next, you should start washing the car thoroughly with soap, always from top to bottom, with special emphasis on the underside, the inside of the wheel arches, and the tires.

Then, you must rinse the soap, insisting on the areas where pieces join since they tend to accumulate soap. It should be noted that if the washing center offers you the option of polishing or waxing, it is advisable to apply it since it will offer you an even better finish. In case of washing the car by hand, you can apply a wax protector.

Finally, to obtain a perfect result, it is essential that you dry the car with a microfiber cloth. It is important that you insist on the roof, the headlights, the chrome details, the rear-view mirrors, and the glass.

Car Cleaning Service

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