Key Tips and Important Features to Build A Customized App Like Uber For Your Business in 2021

On-demand apps like Uber and Ola have taken over the market quite a lot. People prefer to book a taxi online through apps rather than going out and looking for a cab. The popularity of Uber has given rise to more on-demand applications like Uber Clone Script App. You can read more about Uber Clone Script App here in this article.

If we look into the statistical side, records say that Uber has taken over the market in 84 countries. It is widely available in more than 800 cities. In the financial year 2020-2021, Uber has recorded $15.8 billion from 1.65 billion trips in the first quarter only. It is an excellent example of how on-demand applications have become the new trend in the high-tech world.

How do on-demand apps like Uber work?

Uber service app is available in an accessible, downloadable format both for Android and iOS platforms. Through this application, passengers can connect to any rider at any point of the day and night. Currently, on average, Uber serves 15 million rides every day from around the world. Records say there are more than 75 million people present on the active user list. Uber drivers use their vehicles for each trip. The following steps are involved in the functioning part of the application:

  •         Ride request: The first step is to create a trip request. It involves the ultimate destination point.

  •          Verification: The second step is to confirm the entries, the pick-up, and the ultimate destination location.

  •          Matching a driver: The third step involves looking forward to a driver that meets all your requirements. Here an option is available to the driver to either accept or reject a particular trip request. However, if a driver refuses the request, the app passes the request to the next one closest to your current location.

  •         Real-time location tracker: Through the application, the user can track the cab’s real-time location. It is also possible to know the estimated time of arrival.

  •          In-app payment system: Uber offers cashless payment options. Therefore, it makes this system even smoother for both parties. After the end of a ride, when the user reaches his destination, the app deducts the previously shown amount. It can be through PayPal, debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, etc.

  •           Ratings: After the end of each ride, the app requests the users to rate their ride       before closing the application. It helps both the company and other users to know more about a particular driver.

Features and functions of the app

No matter what type of service app you are making, it must consist of three varieties.

  •        Functionality for passengers
  •        Functionality for drivers
  •        Functionality for the admins

Owners should invest in three different apps for these three categories. The functions of each app will be further from the other.

The functionality of the passengers’ app

The app like Uber that you are going to create for the passengers must consist of the following features and functions:

  •          Registration through different platforms like Facebook, Gmail, phone number, etc.,      must be available.
  •         The easy and straightforward taxi booking process
  •          Availability of fare Calculator
  •         Multiple payment options.
  •          Real-time driver tracking
  •          Easy cancellation process
  •          Advance-booking options
  •          In-app calling and messaging facility
  •          Ratings and review options
  •          Book for another option
  •          Travel history
  •          Push notifications
  •          Customer support 24/7

The functionality of the drivers’ app

The features that you must include while developing your application for drivers are:

  •          Drivers profile that will consist of the vehicle insurance and the drivers’ license
  •          Trip alert through which the driver can either accept or reject the orders
  •          A navigation system that will help to find the shortest and best route for each trip
  •          Push notification
  •          In-app calling and messaging facility
  •          Daily or monthly earning reports

 The functionality of the admin app

To maintain proper management and integration of the whole procedure, you need to add the following features for your admin application:

  •          Payroll management
  •          customer and driver management
  •          Fare management
  •          Location management
  •          Booking management
  •          Offers management
  •          Content management
  •          Managing feedbacks of users
  •          Passenger/driver support

Steps involved in developing an on-demand app like Uber

  •          Hire a professional app development company
  •          Discuss the ideas you want to project through your application.
  •          Decide how you want your application to work and look like
  •          Decide your target audience
  •          Select a suitable platform like Google, IOS, windows, etc.
  •          Adjust your budget
  •          Create the application based on the platform guidelines
  •          Finally, launch the app


Industries like local food and grocery delivery, health care services, beauty services, cleaning, home service, etc., are ideally suited to work on Uber-like apps. The design, simple user interface, and quality of your services will help you succeed. If you want to launch a new mobile app for your business then you need to Contact Uber Clone App Company now which is the Best Web and Mobile Clone App Development Company.

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