Dear lovers of Geo Lottery! It is very easy to participate in Geo Lucky drawing and you do not need to register for it. Now KBC Lottery is connected to all SIM cards and your mobile number will be included in Lucky Winner 2021 by following a few simple steps

KBC  Lottery Winner – KBC head office helpline number

KBC official website! We welcome you all to the only official website of the KBC Game Show. KBC India is India’s most popular and well rated game show.  KBC is equally famous among the lower class as well as the middle class people.Kbc online helpline and WhatsApp KBC head office number mumbai/kolkata  is +19188444470.

KBC official. This is the official website of KBC India. We don’t have any other website, blogs. So please always check and check your lottery from KBC official website.

Anyone who wants to go live on the KBC live game show should take part in the next season.  You too can become a great winner very soon. Answer the questions with your knowledge every day in Kaun Banega Millionaire the Tute and increase your chances of winning. Improve your efforts and keep yourself updated on the list of KBC winners for next season.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021

We regularly update the KBC Lottery Winners 2021 list. Now we are looking at the 2021 KBC Lottery Winners List.

The name of the winner

Mr. Shivraj Pandey

Mr. Ravi Chandran Kumar

Mrs. Deepika Sharma

Mrs. Kriti Sanon

Mr. Suraj Singh

Mr. Usman Pasha

Check Kbc online lottery winner 

KBC Online Lottery Winner If you have received an SMS with the lottery number, please go to the online lottery verification form and enter details such as mobile phone number and lottery number. So we only provide KBC lovers to show KBC lottery number files only. The WhatsApp number of KBC Head Office Mumbai is +19188444470. You can contact us to confirm your lottery. So, this KBC head office number from Mumbai, KBC representatives in Bandra will solve your problem.

Update: Nowadays we have lots of lotteries to give to Indians so keep checking the KBC lottery winners online. If you get your name and all the details about the lottery, you will be able to get your cash value from it.

Winner category of KBC Online Lottery. Therefore, once you get your cash prize lottery guarantee. Do not share your lottery number with others as they may steal your KBC winning prize.

Why people like KBC

Because there is no registration charge in the KBC system, everyone can take part and judge his fate. Everyone has an open opportunity to test their luck and fortune in this game show. People can register for free at any time through our head office.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is a top force in the KBC leadership team.  We have a mature and intelligent team managing KBC. All KBC staff are experienced holders. A game of KBC Entertainment and Tenner. KBC is the cause of change in the lives of the Indian people. This is a game of luck.

KBC is changing the lives of poor people. Everyone can see their own bright future. KBC is eradicating poverty from the state of India. Through KBC, Indian people are living a better life.

KBC Official Lottery Scheme

The internet group welcomes you for your hobby in India’s most popular television show, KBC lottery winner 2021. This program is for serious Indians. Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 can take part in this stay game show. Global resident Indians are also being advised to register for the competition. Whatever they are living in the UK right now.

You can write an email to their email address.KBC’s official team will assist you with registration sessions, lottery prize money confirmation, KBC Lottery Winner list checkups, upcoming season information and counter lottery call and lottery trap information.


If anyone calls you and introduces you as a member of the KBC Lottery Team, please contact our esteemed contact number. Legitimate crews can take action against these people. Please save a visit to our KBC professional and official website and update KBC around in the news and schedules for next season.

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