Juventus worst season in 10 years

Juventus is the recognized hegemon of the Italian championship and the record holder for the number of titles won. The team strengthened its positions in the 2010s, when it won 9 Scudettos in a row. You can easily watch all its football matches tomorrow on the proven platform.

Remember that before the season 2020/21, Juventus was also considered the main favourite of the championship. The team had a better lineup than its competitors and, moreover, its enormous experience spoke in its favour. However, all this didn’t save the players from Turin from a resounding flop.

According to the result of the campaign, the Old Signora finished only in the 4th position in Serie A. Moreover, the ticket to the Champions League zone was played only in the last round. Yes, Juventus won the Italian Cup, but this is hardly a big consolation for its fans.

What caused the team’s disastrous performances?

Talking about the main reason for the club’s failure, first of all we can highlight the risky appointment of the coach. Andrea Pirlo didn’t have any coaching experience at all and, despite all his football intelligence, he couldn’t give the team a decent strategy. This was especially evident in confrontations with equal rivals. Such football matches were always difficult for the team, and predicting an outcome of each tomorrow game was a challenge.

Pirlo was simply not ready to work with such a big club. From time to time he came up with good plans for games, but when they didn’t work, his actions were reduced to primitive passes. Naturally, this led to the degradation of the team’s playing style.

Speaking about other reasons for the failed performance of this club, we’d note:

  1. Loss of motivation by some players. It was clear from their actions on the field that it was enough for them and they were not ready to do their best. Usually, such accusations were made against Rabiot, Ramsey, Bonucci and some other players. And it’s not surprising, as with 9 titles in a row, it’s difficult to expect that the players will be happy to put their best on the field next season.
  2. Game problems. It was quite difficult to fit Ronaldo into game plans, as he scored a lot but took away from the team no less chances.
  3. Many footballers were injured, for instance, Arthur.

All this led to the fact that the unchanging hegemon of the Italian championship ended without a Scudetto for the first time in 10 years.

After that, Pirlo quickly parted ways with the club, as well as Ronaldo. However, were they the main causes of the problems, or does the team need even deeper changes? Follow its progress on the proven platform and you will get an answer to this. Only one thing is clear — Juventus in its configuration of the 2010s has finally stopped working and bringing stable results.

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