Jarvis: Artificial Intelligence that writes your SEO content

How much time do you have? If the answer is “not enough”, then you should be interested in tools like (or Jarvis). Thanks to this tool, you can create content with the help of artificial intelligence. I have been using it for a couple of months and I recommend it 100%. In this post, we are going to see everything about this perfect tool for SEO’s, niches, and people who need to create digital content such as corporate blogs, entrepreneurs, and startups.

What is or Jarvis?

The main idea of ​​ (or Jarvis ai copywriting, it is known by both names) is to create content for SEO purposes and not waste time in the creation process.

It does this by using natural language processing, machine learning, and deep neural networks, which can generate human-readable text from data inputs like keywords, topic descriptions, or phrases from other articles.

For whom is this SEO tool useful?

People who want to create content quickly and efficiently. For marketers who want to improve their ads, their websites and their emails so that they include good copywriting and above all to be able to speed up processes in the construction of all these assets. This is for people who want to start creating content quickly. It also works great for digital marketing agencies that can enlist the help of Jarvis to come up with creative pieces.

Advantages of Jarvis

  • Available in Spanish and in more than 25 different languages.
  • Generate 100% original content.
  • It will save you days of writing in just minutes.
  • They use copywriting strategies that are very interesting.
  • It offers a trial version that you can try here and in this period you will not be charged.
  • Incredible community on Facebook and perfect support from those who work in the company.
  • 7 days money back if the tool doesn’t help you.
  • Total transparency and permanent communication by the creators.
  • Updates every week with new features.

Tool features

Let’s review all the glorious features of one of my favorite tools of the moment.

  1. Blog content creation

Its main use is to be able to create content for websites quickly, you simply insert the topic you want to talk about and give the robot some information so that it quickly generates original text based on that information, and we will see this in detail later since for SEO’s and marketers, it is the key.

  1. Emails

It is able to help you by creating catchy email subjects, cold emails to send to people who don’t know you, and much more. Creating bullet points for sale and ideal for promotions via mail are the examples.

  1. SEO titles and Meta descriptions

At the SEO level, in addition to helping you with the creation of articles, it can help you in: Titles and Meta descriptions for blog posts, product pages, home pages, and service pages.

  1. Product descriptions

It is perfect to use to create Amazon product descriptions or ecommerce store descriptions. This is ideal for niches that monetize with Amazon since, being a copywriting tool; the platform will give you very selling descriptions:


It can also help you in creating content for YouTube videos He is capable of generating ideas in case you are stuck and don’t know what to talk about. It is also capable of creating scripts, titles, and intros for your video.

How does Jarvis work to create content?

Let’s go to the most important for SEO. How can Jarvis AI help us if we work in SEO or if we have one or more blogs that we are trying to monetize? In the creation of the content, that is, in what takes the most time to do.

Step 1: Documents

In documents, we have the contents that we have created at the moment; In this case, we will also click on the new button so we start a doc from scratch.

Step 2: Start with our blog article

This step is the main one and the one that will allow you to start with your article. It has 3 important sections:

Section 1 – Describe the content you want to create + keywords

In order for Jarvis to understand what your content is about, you must give him at least a few paragraphs with what you think may be useful to talk about in the content, the more quality you give the more quality Jarvis will produce. Here we see the content that I have given Jarvis about what I want to talk about and you can also add (optionally) up to 3 keywords that you would be interested in mentioning and emphasizing within the content. Having done this, we click to continue.

Section 2 – SEO Title Creation

It’s time to create the title of our blog, but did you know that Jarvis is able to create it automatically thanks to the information we gave him in the previous step?

Section 3 – Blog Post Introduction

We all know the importance of a good introduction to the content. It’s what hooks readers to want to keep moving forward and it’s what motivates people to follow your blog and your ideas. That is why within this section is so important.

Why do I recommend you try it?

At first, I was quite reluctant to try this artificial intelligence tool. Why? Because there are things that robots can’t even replace in humans, and writing is one of them.

However, today I am paying for the most expensive plan of the tool because I have realized that it is very useful for the first 500-600 words of content for blog posts and allows me to create them faster. Yes, many times what will generate is not quite perfect, especially the use of “you” and “you” that will depend on each editor, but I can tell you that with a few simple tweaks the post is ready to go.


One of those tools that every marketer, SEO and entrepreneur must try to fall in love with. This tool combined with powerful scripts can be the key to creating content in 100% automatic mode and being able to automate processes. Even so, I am in favor of a human reviewing, correcting and optimizing said content for SEO, but that does not mean that it does not save more than 50% of the time.

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