ITOP Screen Recorder evaluation

If you’re looking for user-friendly screen recording software for your Windows PC, you’ll undoubtedly find itop screen recorder. Thanks to the recorder’s incredibly straightforward user interface, anyone can record their screen without any prior experience. 

You are able to record voice, gameplay, audio, and the screen with the adaptable program itop recorder. You can record what you see on your webcam in addition to the screen.

The screen recorder is only accessible to Windows users. You are able to do all recording duties with its free edition. 

But there is a watermark in the free version that can only be removed by paying for the Pro plan. But the essential question is, How well does itop recorder work? Or should I spend my money on a better alternative?

Itop Recorder’s Unique Strength

You may record your screen with itop Recorder in a number of ways to suit your requirements. The primary features of the Screen Recorder are provided below for your information.

You may record your screen in high quality without experiencing any latency. From full screen to a particular region and window, you may customize the recording area to meet your requirements. You may also make screenshots if necessary. The application has a 1080p and 120 fps video recording options.

Record Audio – You have the option to just record audio, which is useful for capturing voiceovers, music, and instrument sounds. Actually, all you need to do to record podcasts and audiobooks is to capture your system noises.

Gameplay Recording: The itop recorder allows you to capture your gameplay. You may both play the game’s audio and provide live commentary with the external microphone. You may also upload a webcam video to demonstrate your in-the-moment reaction.

Recording on a Schedule: If you choose the premium version, you may configure the application to start recording your screen while you’re not around. Additionally, after the selected time limit, the recording will automatically end and the file will be saved so you may view it later.

Hardware acceleration and mouse clicks may be shown, according to your preferences. You may change the video’s resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and file format. 

Hotkeys may also be programmed for straightforward key-combination action. The software supports more than 12 file types so that your recording may be played on a variety of devices.

Using the itop recorder’s built-in video editor, you may edit your video by adding video filters, stickers, and images from your computer to your clip. Both background music and subtitles may be added. The video may also be exported and cut in order to be saved to your PC.

After downloading itop Screen Recorder, use it

We have explained that Windows users are presently the only ones who can use the itop recorder. The free version of itop Recorder is available for download, but you should be aware of its limitations. 

The first thing the free version does is watermark your recording. There are just a few file formats available, and there are no choices for a schedule recording. The recording quality is lower in the free version. If you wish to overcome these limitations, you must choose its premium edition. The steps for downloading and using itop recorder’s free version are shown below.

To begin downloading itop screen recorder, open “recorder ” in your web browser and select the Free Download button.

Configure the recorder and launch the software. Determine the recording space depending on your requirements.

  • Step 3: Depending on your choices, enable the camera, speaker, microphone, or mouse effect.
  • Step 4: Prepare your screen for recording and, when ready, click the Rec button. Before the recording starts, there will be a brief buffer period.

3: To stop recording, choose the Stop option from the widget in the bottom right corner.

4: Locate your recording by visiting my Creations. Click the Modify icon to edit the video in the Video Editor.

Pros and Cons 

Now let’s get into the actual evaluation of the itop screen recorder. Any screen recorder’s benefits and drawbacks should be understood in order to properly assess the tool. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of itop recorder.


  • Record the audio, the game, and the screen.
  • Flexible room for recording screen shots.
  • Edit a video clip, add effects, and stickers.
  • Numerous output formats, as well as hotkeys.
  • Use the camera to take screenshots and video recordings.
  • The watermark may be adjusted in the Pro edition.
  • Scheduling of recording is possible in the Pro edition.


  • Only Windows is capable of using it.
  • The free version’s watermark prohibits it from being useful.
  • It could lag while recording complicated games.

A Better itop Recorder Replacement

You cannot use the free version of itop recorder for record whatsapp call either personal or commercial purposes due to the watermark on the recording. If you choose the Pro version, there are better options. We advise the expert video editor and recorder Wondershare Filmora. 

You can record video from your camera, your screen, and video games. You may also record sounds from many sources. In particular, there is no latency while recording in 4K.

After filming, you may edit your video like a pro using the numerous tools and options available to you. Animations, transitions, background music, graphic elements, and video effects are all acceptable. 

Among other possibilities, you may also cut, trim, divide, combine, and apply greenscreen effects to your movies. To suit your preferences, you may also change a number of recording settings.


To summarise, the itop screen recorder is quite simple to use, but you must get its Pro edition if you want to get rid of the watermark that appears on your recordings when you use the free version. You can use a professional video recorder in place of its Pro version. 

We advise using Filmora since you can record and edit your video to make it interesting and polished. It is a superior alternative to itop screen recorder and has no performance lag even while recording at 4K quality.

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