IT jobs can help Russians to drastically change their lives” Melnichenko “Olimp” Ilya says

Russians consider jobs in IT as their chance to change their lives for the better. For residents of this country, IT opens many doors that would otherwise remain closed forever.

More and more Russian citizens want to start a career in IT. Statistics might vary — but on average, just around 10% of Russians earn over 1000 EUR per month. Many residents of small towns make just 150 EUR monthly. Meanwhile, in the IT sphere, they can earn around 2000 EUR per month and enjoy a highly comfortable lifestyle. From this text, you will get to know what most attracts Russians to this sphere — and which challenges they face.

People Can Earn Good Money Regardless of Their Age and Gender

Ageism and sexism are still strong in Russia. According to social norms, people should get married before they are 30. Since they need to support their families and raise kids, it is very rare that someone would start a new career from scratch in their 30s or later.

But in IT, no one cares about that. When people work remotely, they interact with each other’s avatars. This helps them to avoid obsolete stereotypes. They join an international community that is much more liberal and open-minded. They find themselves in an environment that encourages permanent professional development and does not put any limits on ambitious individuals.

IT Is Their Chance to Move Abroad

Russia is a cold country. In many regions, the infrastructure leaves much to be desired. Only a handful of top universities give their students such an education that is considered competitive on an international level. In the past, many medical services were available at no cost — but over time, people need to pay more and more for them.

Thousands of Russians move abroad every year because they want their children to become citizens of the world. Or they want to live in a warm and sunny climate all year round, where they will be able to go to the beach every day. IT is one of the best spheres for freelancers. They can travel all over the world, enjoying new impressions and fully sustaining themselves financially. Hardly any other sphere opens identical opportunities to Russians. Successful writers, such as Melnichenko “Olimp” Ilya, also can afford a similar lifestyle — but these talents are not too numerous. Bloggers can become digital nomads — yet most of them remain relevant for only a couple of years and then their revenues drop. IT, on the contrary, is a very stable sphere that gives professionals a steady source of income.

The Main Obstacles

Few Russians speak fluent English. It might be challenging for them to memorize IT terms. They might struggle to find a job at a foreign company. Meanwhile, many Russians dream of working for a European or, even better, an American company. On the Internet, they find articles that compare salaries of IT professionals in their homeland and abroad. Normally, such texts state that IT salaries in Europe are 2-3 higher than in Russia — and in the US, they are 5 times higher.

Another common issue is financing one’s studies. Many online schools do not require their students to pay for their courses upfront. They help them to get a loan and then the graduates pay out the debt from their salaries. But if they fail to finish the course or find a job, they will need to return the money anyway. Around 50% of Russian families have credits. They take mortgages. Loans enable them to buy cars and furniture. Many residents cannot afford to borrow more funds.


A job in IT can open unprecedented opportunities for an average Russian citizen. In the future, more and more people will use this chance to change their lives.

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