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Is the brickwork interior still trendy?

In the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, brick walls have remained a popular choice in recent years. Whether you are renovating or adding accents to an existing interior, brickwork will bring new colours to your home. All you have to take care of is that the brick veneer is made by professionals. In Canadian cities, for example, the easiest way is to search for bricklayers near me to get the best service. And before hiring, let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to use bricks in your home. Read on to discover how to design a room with a brick wall.

Where brickwork is used in the interior?

Brick walls have many advantages over plaster and drywall ones. They can withstand bumps and bruises without tearing or crumbling so it is a good base for hanging shelves and pictures. Brick walls are easy to repaint and can be incorporated into any interior design. On the other hand, interior bricks are often uneven and chipped therefore it is worth thinking twice before placing a wardrobe against a brick wall.

Depending on your home’s design, you may consider opting for a brick veneer for different rooms:

  • Brick walls in the kitchen

A brick wall in the kitchen is still stylish and timeless, even though this design element has been around for centuries. While interior design elements are often out of style with the changing seasons, an exposed brick wall remains a hot item in design trends. The continued popularity of loft-style and industrial-style kitchens has helped the brick trend stay popular because it combines rugged aesthetics with practicality. 

For the backsplash, whitewashed brick veneer is a perfect match for this look. You can also use wood accents to add visual interest and warmth to your walls. Light shades of gray or brown brick walls are also a nice complement to the kitchen cabinetry and hardware. 

  • Brick walls in the bedroom

And the kitchen is not the only room in the house where you can include a brick wall! Brickwork also makes a great accent wall for the bedroom. It makes the bedroom look cozier, but still retains the modern, open feel of the room. 

You may not be a fan of brick, but it can look beautiful in your bedroom. You can decorate it creatively by hanging colourful pictures. If you are going for a masculine bedroom design, a brick will work well with the neutral colour scheme. For a feminine design, you can choose whitewashed or Scandinavian interiors. You can paint it white to bring it into harmony with the other elements in the room. This option will pull the whole room together. 

  • brick walls in the living room

If you want to make your living room unique, you can consider a brick wall. Whether your walls are exposed or painted, bricks are a great canvas for a variety of decorating techniques. Brick walls are always in style, but you might not be sure if this style is right for you. While a brick wall can add colour and contrast to a living room, it may look odd and unfinished.

Bricks are perfect for accent walls in your home. They add warmth and visual interest to the space while keeping it open and bright. To create a cozy nook, do not cover the exposed brick with heavy bookcases. Instead, use open shelving to add personality to the interior. A brick wall in the living room can be well highlighted with art or green plants. 

How to maintain brick walls in the interior?

Despite the popularity of bricks as an interior material, there are a few features to consider before making the switch. Bricks tend to be porous, which means they can trap dust. Exposed brick also tends to retain moisture, causing efflorescence. This can be expensive to repaint. A few steps are required to maintain the brick wall. 

The first step is to repair the mortar. This job may require a bricklaying contractor, but a small patching job can be done by you. For starting, clean the joints. Next, use a trowel to apply the new mortar. Make sure to repair vertical joints first, and then horizontal ones. This will prevent the new mortar from spreading too much across the bricks.

To prevent efflorescence you can clean brick walls with soap and water. This mixture is also effective at removing dirt and grime. Spray it on a troubled area, then use a soft cleaning cloth to gently rub the stain. If necessary, you can also use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust from the brick. Apply light pressure to ensure that you are not damaging the paint. 

A brick wall is also not a good match for every style of the interior so you should carefully consider your aesthetic tastes. The material is not always the best fit, and you should always ask for a consultation with an interior designer if you’re unsure. 

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