Is it worth having a photo booth at your kid’s birthday party?

We live in a generation filled with technology babies. Kids know what instagram is before they can even spell their name! People of all ages love showing a wide grin for the perfect photo. It is no doubt a photo booth will be an absolute hit at a kid’s birthday party.

You do not even need to worry about the hassle of setting up a photo booth when you can hire a competent photo booth rental service for it. But if you truly want to go DIY, you can set up a booth with an iPad as the camera.

Here is why it is totally worth having a photo booth at your kid’s birthday party:

Matches the theme

A photo booth is just another activity at your event that both the adults and the kids can enjoy. Setting up the booth with decor to match your theme will turn out to be the star of the show as everyone will rush to take goofy pictures to cherish forever.

Setting up the backdrop should be quite easy, considering there ought to be extra supplies from the rest of your birthday party.

It keeps the adults occupied

At a kid’s birthday party, the adults ought to get bored. A photo booth is a fun way to engage both the parent and the child. It will also serve as an icebreaker for the parents to befriend other parents. That’s more than one way to keep the party going!

Serves as memorable party favors

Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on designing elaborate party favor bags, you can just have your guests take photos in funky costume material. Photo booths print photos on the spot in cute templates which you can customize with a personal message.

Depending on your photo booth, you can even have these pictures be printed out as magnets or bookmarks. Taking home a picture is more valuable than a bag filled with cheap toys.

Social media worthy photos

Way to make all the other parents jealous of your planning skills! Posting photos from a single, beautifully designed backdrop makes the whole event look pulled together and organized. You can get high-quality photos for Facebook from your photo booth.


Getting a photo booth is an absolute must in today’s age where social media prevails. This is the best way to remember your child’s birthday and add to your growing collection of photos every day.

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