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Is it better to eat fruits or have fresh juices?

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It is always advised to drink as few sugary drinks as possible. No matter if you are consuming lemonade, soft drinks, or juices such as orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice, try to use the as little amount as sugar as possible; especially when you are preparing them by yourself.

What is the amount of sugar in a juice?

Juices contain just as much sugar as soft drinks. For example, apple juice and orange juice contain about 7 sugar cubes. So if you drink juice, you get a lot of sugar, and al the calories, without any notice. For most people this ultimately leads to obesity. Furthermore, people who drink sugary drinks have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

There are many vitamins in juice, and you can easily get enough of them if you eat 2 pieces of fruit. In addition, the fibers that are in fruit are usually gone in juice. However, you can always choose those juices that has a moderate amount of sugar rather that too much.

Does the advice also apply to freshly squeezed juice?

Freshly squeezed juice contains just as much sugar as juice from a carton. And even if you make it yourself, you throw away fiber. Therefore, it is advised to drink as little juice as possible, the same also applies to freshly squeezed juice. Moreover, the process of making does not matter, like whether you press with a regular press or a slow juicer.

What about fruit smoothies?

If we talk about fruit smoothies then it contains the whole piece of fruit. It contains more fiber than juice. But drinking fruit makes you feel less full than eating fruit. This is because you don't have to chew and you drink down a fruit smoothie faster than if you eat the same amount of fruit. It is, therefore, better to eat fruit than drink it.

A pro tip: Are you making a smoothie? Then first grab a spoon and measure the sugar.

Is apple juice healthy?

Apple juice is not in the Wheel of Five. This is because apple juice contains a lot of sugar. Apple juice also contains vitamins and minerals. But you also get it if you eat the apple instead of drinking it. However, there are many people who don’t like eating apply and go for its drink. To find the best of apple juice you can check مونين

However, when you start drinking the juice you get a lot of sugar, and therefore it is always suggested to eat fruits and vegetables instead of drinking. In this way, you can also get the fiber and are saturated faster. It is calculated that a glass (200 ml) of apple juice contains about 21 grams of sugar which amounts to more than 5 sugar cubes and 92 kilocalories.

As an overall comparison, people prefer to drink juices for their skin, bones, muscles, or heart, or to detox or detoxify but we cannot conclude it as the only way possible. Both of these methods have their own advantages. However, if you have time then always try to eat fruits rather than drinking. Also, try consuming products with minimum level of sugar.

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