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Is Hiring an Arborist Worth the Cost?

Trees are important not just to homeowners but also to the environment. They provide shade and food, prevent soil erosion, produce oxygen and beautify our homes and streets. However, giving trees the necessary care and maintenance requires the services and knowledge of a professional. Thus, the need for a qualified arborist. Read on to learn what an arborist does and why you must hire one.

What an Arborist Does

Just like humans, trees also need love through care and maintenance. Although they benefit us, if you don’t take care of your trees, they may die, pose a danger or cause damage. A skilled arborist comes in handy in ensuring that your trees thrive and don’t cause any harm.

An arborist is a trained professional who specialises in providing the necessary care, information and maintenance to trees, ensuring that they remain healthy and don’t pose any potential risks to others. Also known as tree doctors or surgeons, arborists provide expert advice and services on all tree-related matters, from risk assessment, tree removal, tree maintenance, tree health and other consultation services.

An arborist performs the following duties:

Root Fertilisation

To ensure that your trees and shrubs grow healthy, an arborist will apply fertilisers to their roots.

Pest Control

Pests such as wood borers may stunt healthy growth. An arborist provides vital information on how to control pests. This can be done monthly or more regularly if the area and trees are prone to pests.

Tree Inspection

You can hire an arborist to inspect and diagnose the tree if you believe it is experiencing growth issues, is pest infested or posing a danger.

Arborist Report

Before planting a tree, hire an arborist for a comprehensive report on the tree’s needs, course of action, treatment and nutrition requirements and estimated costs.

The Cost of Hiring an Arborist

Tree care and maintenance aren’t as easy as they may seem. Tree removal and planting may require special skills and equipment. And doing it by yourself may be dangerous to you and those around you. As a homeowner, your tree’s health, maintenance and appearance should form part of your budget.

Hiring an arborist is beneficial because it guarantees the longevity and health of your trees. Also, their expert knowledge will promote your trees’ appeal and landscape, adding to your property value.

A local arborist will take into consideration the following factors:

Tree Considerations

This includes the type of service, tree size, its condition and type.

Location Factors

This includes the tree’s accessibility, the terrain and weather conditions.

Outer Consideration

This consists of council permission, clean up and disposal.

Average Cost per Service

The below costs aren’t the actual costs but approximate costs for a particular service.

Service Average Cost
Arborist Report $430-$550
Tree removal (depending on size) $250-$800
Tree pruning (depending on size) $200-$600
Stump removal $250
Service per hour $80

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if you should work on your trees by yourself or if you should hire a professional. Hiring a skilled arborist comes with expert skills, knowledge and tools making it a worthwhile investment. Contact a qualified arborist  near you for more information.


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