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Is Free VPN Safe to Use? - Myths vs. Reality | DewVPN

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A VPN - Virtual Private Network is a technology that permits your online devices to safely connect to a distant server and appear in an area where you are not. The most prominent use of VPNs today is to increase online privacy and get around geo-blocking. As a result, free VPN is popular among its users. But there are also some myths about free VPNs, which can deter you from using a free VPN.

Let's discuss the myths and realities about the free VPN so that you may decide whether to use it or not!

Myth # 1

Free VPN is Never Fast

Free VPN providers might not give optimized support proficient in maintaining thousands of connections. Hence, many people might join free servers; their browsing might undergo lags or buffer more often. However, there are so many other causes that might run slower the VPN.


There may be some factors that may cause the slowing down of your VPN. For example, it might be that the server you picked is distant from your actual location. Higher numbers of connections can also affect the speed of the VPN. The other factor may be the poor design of the server. Always choose the one that guarantees the speed of the VPN, like DewVPN.

Myth # 2

Area Coverage is Highly Limited

Another critical impediment linked with free VPNs in terms of area coverage is that the VPN providers might be deceiving about the places they support. And afterward, you can’t access those locations.


It might be true in many instances, but many free VPN providers truly cover many locations. Like DewVPN, it has hundreds of servers in 50 countries from all across the world.

Myth # 3

Free VPNs are Vulnerable

Service operation and development systems are entirely isolated from whether the service is "paid" or "free." It all rotates around the people working behind the VPN company. People think that if they use a paid service, it will never leave them vulnerable, and by using a free VPN, they may be caught by several complications.


It may sometimes happen that free VPN companies may tease you in many ways, but if you choose a highly reputable VPN company, like DewVPN, they ensure 100% security and 100% free unlimited free VPN. But, sadly, there are only a few such free VPN providers.

Myth # 4

Free VPNs are Unlawful to Use

There's an unusual misunderstanding about free VPN that if you get exposed utilizing one, you'll end up visiting jail as it is an illegal act to take advantage of a VPN.


Most people don't know that although evil characters sometimes use VPNs to do illegal actions, using a VPN by itself is not illegal at all!

Yes, if you'll believe in a poor VPN company, then you may end up facing many issues. Choose the one that guarantees 100% security, like DewVPN.

Final Thoughts

In reality, free VPNs are an excellent tool for many purposes, but you shouldn't accept these myths about them. All you need to do to bypass any complication is to choose it wisely and carefully. If you are confused about choosing a free VPN for use, you should give a chance to DewVPN. Contact here and good luck!

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