Interesting facts you don’t know about Penis Envy Mushrooms

When listening for the first time, some people think this mushroom has some magical properties which will be beneficial for the male reproduction system or performance. But the truth is, it is not accurate. This type of mushroom has an extraordinary appearance similar to the male penis. It has a thick body cap-like head. Despite the appearance, a penis envy mushroom has some unique component, unlike the other variants. This particular strain is known for the high psilocybin in them. This penis envy mushrooms are comparatively easy to grow, but it is not legal for personal cultivation.  The origin of the penis envy mushroom is also very mysterious.  

Facts you should know about the penis envy mushroom

  • The mushroom got its name for the look of it, which is like the male reproductive organ. Maybe this fact is shared before. This mushroom looks big and thick. It has a bulbous cap on it. 
  • No one knows where is the origin of this mushroom. But some people say that it has been created by mutation, but nobody can come to the same point on who generated the transformation. Some people call any similar looking mushroom penis envy mushrooms because of these confusions, which isn’t true. 
  • Some labs have discovered that the penis envy mushroom looks like Cubensis mushrooms. Other mushrooms look like penis envy mushrooms, but they have only one copy which is mutated. But the mushroom must exhibit two copies of it. So, it won’t look what it should like. 
  • This mushroom is a kind of magic mushroom. Ontario’s magic mushroom is those that contain a natural hallucinogenic, psilocybin, or psychoactive element. In the history of some culture, these mushrooms have been used for medicine or psychological purpose. If you are going to buy this mushroom for eating meaning, you should try to eat them fresh. These mushrooms are illegal in the USA, but still, some people use this as a drug. Some other types of mushroom which have similar properties are shrooms, blue meanies, golden tops, and also liberty caps. These all mushrooms can cause drowsiness, nausea, paranoia, nervousness, even hallucination and psychosis.
  • This is a potent mushroom. The strain that is used to cultivate penis envy is known to be powerful. But the evidence there to prove potency isn’t enough, and that’s why penis envy is mutant. Another factor is that the envy’s potency grows slower than the typical strains. The properties of psilocybin generate for longer times that give the hallucinogenic effect. That’s why penis envy contains more psilocybin in each gram comparing to the others. 
  • The penis envy spores almost look like the cubensis spores. But they aren’t the same at all. You may not see any difference between them.  Even under a microscope, the size, colour and shapes all are the same. The critical part is that the penis envy mushroom doesn’t open the cap in the same way. If you want to cultivate this magic mushroom, you will need spore syringes. These spore syringes are sold for research purpose only. 
  • You should be careful while going with penis envy mushroom. Many people think that mushrooms are safe and there are no harmful effects. But these mushrooms contain a slight amount of poison that can cause any unpredictable situation to the man who takes them. If you are going to consume the magic mushroom, you should be careful and need to have someone beside you considering any dangerous side effects. 

I hope you have learnt something about penis envy mushroom. You should remember to check the validity of the mushroom before buying and consuming it. Because this mushroom is rare to find, many people will try to trick you by selling cubensis strain instead of Penis envy mushroom. 

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