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Instagram marketing tips you should implement in your strategy

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for blogging, advertising business services, as well as creating your own brand. 15 million users visit this social network every day. They post vivid photos, unusual videos, interesting stories on their profiles. But not everyone is able to quickly achieve success and gain a large audience.

In order to make your account popular, we (Instagram marketing experts) recommend using most working methods of promoting on Instagram in 2021. Let’s start and explore hidden nuggets. 

Strategy and positioning

When creating a new profile or deciding to promote an old one, you need to choose a clear strategy. Here the services are talking about, Bountii writes that this service doesn’t work. You can read it here. This is the first thing to start with. This item can not be skipped, your result will depend on it.

To successfully draw up a strategy, answer yourself to the main questions (be sure to write down the answers on paper):

  • Who are you, what do you represent? Blogger, company, expert?
  • What is your blog about? What are the main topics?
  • Why are you drowning? (For example: logic and common sense, self-development …).
  • What are you against? (For example: inadequacy, infocygans, black promotion methods, etc.)
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do you offer or sell?
  • What is your benefit?
  • What are your main goals? What is an account for? For example, attract new customers, increase brand awareness, become famous, etc.
  • What promotion methods and tools will you use?

For successful promotion, you must adhere to the chosen line. Decide on goals – advertising services, promoting a personal brand, displaying store products, etc. Depending on the focus of your blog, select content. Vivid photos, publication of promotional videos, reviews. All materials must correspond to the chosen topic, as well as the interests of your target audience.

It’s important to stay focused and demonstrate your expertise in your niche. It is not permissible to mix styles and publish entertainment content from personal archives to a business account, but in rare cases there are exceptions.

Profile design

For high-quality promotion of your account, you need to pay special attention to the design.

  • Correctly design the profile header.
  • Make relevant eternal stories (cases, reviews, contacts).
  • Think in advance about the visual strategy of your feed (at least 9 posts).

In the profile header, you should indicate the type of activity or the services you offer in the very first line under the photo. For example, tailoring, hairdresser, brand name. Next, fill in the details about yourself. If the account is aimed at business or advertising, use expert vocabulary to increase trust with potential customers. Briefly describe your occupation, add links to other social networks, and means of communication. Write about your suggestions and what you might be interested in.

Remember, going to your profile, a person sees the full picture of the account, and not its individual parts. That is why photos, videos, and a hat should be harmoniously combined with each other. Don’t forget about actual pinned Stories. In them you can put reviews, information about yourself, biography and everything that you think may be useful and interesting for the target audience.

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