Inspiring Shoulder Length Hair Styles and Haircuts

The shoulder-length haircuts that are trending today

Until recently, shoulder-length hairstyles were considered a transitional style. This means you let it grow. But this is now a thing of the past. Now, mid-length hair is a style in itself.What are the reasons for adopting a shoulder-length hairstyle? This is a practical style length, the extension allows you to wear updos and look great on any hair texture. If we did not convince you, then we will let the photos do it gives you shoulder length hair styles.

Rachel Cut

Thanks to the Friends series, one of the most iconic shoulder-length hairstyles of the 90s became popular. This style is characterized by layering, usually blow-drying, using a round brush and hairdryer to turn the ends inward.

Long bangs overall

People with thick hair will benefit from this complete cut because the weight of the hair itself prevents it from swelling. So the same haircut is a way to reduce the volume of thick hair. She still has long bangs that exceed her eyebrows and is very thick.

Modern tailoring

This kind of inspiration comes directly from Japan, where humanoid tailoring has existed for hundreds of years and belongs to the royal family. It is one of the most avant-garde styles in the bangs shoulders hairstyle. The formula is straight and thick bangs (usually very long) and some hair that touches the cheekbones are shorter than the rest of the hair.

Dull bob

The blunt bob is one of the simplest and most flattering shoulder-length hairstyles because it looks good on all types of faces. It is inspired by the classic French bob with no layering and lace at the end. It is easy to design and has a good texture.

Long bob

Shoulder-length hairstyle like this long bobit’s the perfect transformation from long hair to a bob. Or vice versa it’s a fair measure of everything. (As a famous philosopher would say) Wear the whole dress, straight and cut in the middle for a tighter look. Or give it a little side part for a more casual look.

Side trim

Layers are a great way to add movement and lighten up your hair. In this case, the side fringe emphasizes the effect, soft, easy to style, and low maintenance. It’s added in Hairstyle Weekly which we don’t want to change.


This shoulder-length haircut is more or less pronounced, introducing some movement. It consists of various degrees of cutting, that is, imaginary oblique. It’s a good way to frame your face. A smooth frame


The shag is a multi-layer cut with the volume on top and excellent texture. This shoulder-length haircut is very easy to loosen and style (in fact, you wake up with a comb). Practical, carefree, and full of movement

Shag with curlers

As we have seen, shag cuts have a lot of rock and roll and apply to both straight and wavy hair and curlers. Depending on the pattern, these multiple layers of cut can generate more or less volume. Don’t be surprised, we recommend using a dry haircut by a stylist who specializes in curlers.


Barakat has recently regained its glory as an androgynous style bearer. This unique cut features a short front and a long rear, which makes a big difference in the extensions. She chops it into small pieces and wears it with the top combed forward.

Long bob with shaved sides

If you’re looking for a haircut on your shoulder with something bolder, the shaved one can be your best. She used a look of long bob cuts, extreme straight bangs, and side shaving, all in platinum blonde.


We are facing a new style, a brand new one. Charrette is a combination of short mallets and mullets. In other words, it’s a less extreme version of Mallet. The difference in front and backstretch is still present, but not so noticeable.

Wavy side bangs

Now let’s look at the more classic shoulder-length haircut style. It is a straight cut with side bangs and soft waves to give the texture and dimensions of the hair. Next, the last two components soften the functionality.

With layers and long bangs

This is an option for people with fine hair. Layers (in this case, two well-marked) help give the hair a specific body. The same is true for long bangs toppings.


A stop between bob with curlers and long bob volume is the reason for this rounded style and the effect achieved by creating subtle layers (go to dry haircuts again). ¿ Are your bangs curly? Also why?

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