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Ins and outs of getting car warranty for a BMW

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The question that you will come across when you are buying car warranty for your BMW is not from where to buy it but what kind of warranty you buy. Since expensive cars like BMW need special skills and expertise for repair and maintenance you have to look for manufacturer backed warranty so that you are assured of quality service.

Obviously, the dealership from where you have purchased the car is the first stop for buying car warranty but that does not mean that you are obligated to do so. You can hop between dealerships to get the best bargain for all car makes because extended warranty packages from different dealerships can vary in content and price.

Instead of concentrating on the price alone, look into the aspect of coverage offered as both factors determine the worth of the warranty. There are some more aspects that you should consider to get the best deal in car warranty.

When to buy?

In the car trade it is a well known fact that car warranties are cheaper when purchased early, even at the time of buying the car. Should you then buy car warranty at the time when you drive out the car from the showroom?  Yes, because you get better price at that time and since it is an expensive car you would certainly like to continue with the warranty that is backed by the manufacturer – so it does make enough sense to buy it then. But if you want some time to shop around, it should not be a problem as you can delay the buying by a few weeks to complete the exercise.

Shop online

Click4warranty told us that you should go through the websites of car insurance companies to assess their potential and check their credentials. Ask friends and acquaintances for referrals about companies that they have found to be reliable and competitive. Make comparisons about the quality of service, whether it is backed by the manufacturer or not and then float enquiries to obtain online quotes.

Weigh the price and coverage

Judging the offers is a tricky business and has to be done with careful considerations. The price that is quoted has to be related to the coverage that you get and some added facilities which are part of the package. Truly speaking, pay more attention on the coverage than the price because insufficient coverage can actually turn out to be a very expensive deal. Although you might be paying less upfront, exceptions and exclusions can force you to spend from your pocket for repairs.

No matter how reputed car makes might be, it is likely to fail once in a while and when it happens repairs can be quite costly. Both spare parts and labour are very expensive for this brand.  The car warranty takes effect after about three years from the date of purchase of the vehicle and this is the time when the effects of wear and tear become much visible. Therefore, make sure that repairs arising from wear and tear are covered by the warranty.

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