Increase Breast Milk Supply with herbs

8 Herbs That Increase Milk Supply

  1. Fenugreek
  2. Goat’s Rue
  3. Fennel
  4. Alfalfa
  5. Blessed Thistle
  6. Brewer’s Yeast
  7. Moringa
  8. Milk Thistle
  • Fenugreek is well known as a disease fighter, yet it can also be used to increase breast milk supply. According to a study, a woman can increase her breast milk supply in the first few months of breastfeeding by eating fenugreek. Fenugreek is rich in the milk-providing nutrient folate. Thus, eating fenugreek helps increase breast milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.
  • Researchers have found that a naturally occurring medicine may be the key to helping breastfeeding moms produce more milk. Researchers said that not having to process milk with formula may help encourage breastfeeding among mothers. The team has now looked at the impact of goat’s rue in mice and discovered that it stimulates lactation and increases milk production.
  • Fennel has been known to enhance the breast milk supply for new mothers but many new moms struggle to obtain enough fennel due to its extremely bitter taste. A recent study published in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine shows that fennel, an herb used in Chinese traditional medicine,
  • Alfalfa can also improve milk flow for breastfeeding women, keeping the milk moving quickly from the breast to your baby and back again. Alfalfa Supplements Provide Positive Milk ImpactAlfalfa is one of nature’s most effective foods for strengthening a nursing mother’s milk supply and improving milk quality. It contains a critical nutrient that’s essential for milk-forming hormones.
  • Blessed Thistle can increase a woman’s breast milk production by four times and improve her breast milk quality by as much as 15%.’
  • Brewer’s yeast common strain of brewer’s yeast may boost lactation and the quality of breast milk. A commonly used strain of brewer’s yeast could boost lactation in women and increase breast milk quality in premature infants.
  • Moringa Oleifera Extract is gaining popularity as a potent nutritional supplement for pregnant women and lactating mothers as a natural alternative to human breast milk.
  • Milk thistle is a herb that is rich in nutrients. One of its benefits is to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. It also lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic women. It also boosts the immune system and helps the body prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Drinking it has also been linked to reducing inflammation and protecting against diabetes. Milk thistle contains many vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B6, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous.

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