Earlier, people used to think of watching movies and any kind of film in general as a luxurious activity. The best one could do was a drive-thru experience. But with the advent of the Digital Revolution, we can now access movie theatres at home! This is not just for movies, though.

Game centres used to be really popular before the post-modern times. There were top-quality computers and gaming PCs in these centres that were equipped with the best graphics cards. People used to queue up and go with their friends to play games. But today, gaming-quality visuals are available at our disposal!

With the pandemic in place, most of us have resigned to the comfort of our couches. Some have become invested in binge-watching, while others have become budding gamers. But what about hobbies turned into professions that have always been associated with computers? Like, gaming!

Gaming is a significant profession in Australia. Reports show that more than 68% of Aussies game regularly. What’s more? Young adults and teenagers who are pro-gamers comprise around 78% of the entire gaming community in Australia!

Gaming PCs

Although there are gaming consoles available on the market, these are often quite expensive and exclusive. Many pro-gamers opt for high-octane computers and laptops equipped with unique technologies to optimise the gaming experience. However, there are certain specifications that a personal device needs to be suited for gaming:

  • Specs: Buying a gaming PC means buying the best specs a product can offer. Most games that are available for PC gameplay are ones that utilise high graphics and a lot of disc space. Typically, most users are comfortable with 8 – 16 GB of RAM. One can opt for extendable RAM space so that they can expand when necessary.
  • Motherboard: Motherboards are the heart of any computer device. ATX motherboard sizes are suggested for gaming utility. One must be careful while choosing this as the motherboard’s form factor; size and graphic card slot size determine how well the graphics run on the PC. It also determines the type and size of the case that one can buy.
  • CPU: If the motherboard was the heart, then the CPU is the soul of the gaming PC. The core and thread count of the CPUs are definitive of the difference between a regular and gaming PC. A clock speed or the speed of processing of about 4 GHz is suggested to be sufficient to run modern games.
  • Video Cards: These are the parts of the GPU that determine the quality of one’s gaming experience. Arguably, video cards are the primary components for a gamer. The GPU and its cards take the data from the CPU and display it as high-quality images. Most PCs have integrated graphics cards that automatically render images onto the screen. However, these don’t provide top-quality pictures and cannot be upgraded according to the demand of the game.

Gamers are suggested to use a discrete graphics card. These are installed onto the motherboard separately and can be updated to the required resolution. Gaming cards come in two models–RX and RTX. RX is used for a 4K gaming experience; RTX is used for 1440p gaming. However, there is not much difference in the VRAM when it comes to the two models. These mid and high-range video cards require a power supply of at least 600 W PSU.

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