Improvement of iPhones in the entertainment industry

Apple, the iPhone, the iPod touch – they’re all great devices. But did you know that their presence had such far-reaching implications for other technological developments? From the Apple Watch to facial recognition tech, these devices continue to shape our lives. With the launch of Apple Music, it became possible for anyone to stream unlimited music through their device. The new iOS features allowed iPhone owners to enjoy the same quality of sound previously only found in high-end devices such as the iPod Touch and iTunes. Here’s a look at some of the ways they’ve impacted the entertainment industry.

Ways in which the iPhone has impacted the entertainment industry

Apple Pay

The first major way the phone shaped the movie business was with its integration into theatres. For one thing, going digital meant no more tickets. But there were also several advantages to using your iPhone instead of cash or credit cards. One was the ability to pay with an app on your phone without ever leaving your seat. Another feature was that, unlike a debit card. People could also play usa casino games from home as well.

Home Entertainment

It wasn’t just movies that benefited from mobile payment systems; australia online casino games were next. In 2012, video game publisher Electronic Arts integrated the technology into two of its most popular titles: Madden NFL 12 and FIFA 12. Previously, players needed to input information about their accounts manually to make purchases using virtual currency. As part of Apple Pay’s rollout, EA introduced Quick Responder, a system where players can authorize spending by simply holding up their phones near the console. Later that year, PlayStation announced it would start accepting payments through the service too.

Social Media

For years, people have used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect with friends and share content. And while many felt uncomfortable sharing personal photos, you could use whatever gift card you wanted, rather than sticking with just the one you purchased your ticket with.

Ultimately, Apple changed how we watch TV, listen to music, buy things, and communicate. Even if you don’t own an Apple product, you probably still benefit from this company’s influence. So, whether you want to get a shiny new gadget or just improve upon what came before, here are a few apps that will do just that.

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