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Improve social media presence with Instagram likes

Improving social media presence is no longer good to have a goal, but a must-have goal. Regardless of what business you are running, it is proven that improving social media presence equals improving business and gaining more customers.

Increasing your Instagram likes will help you improve your social media presence and with that, raise awareness amongst people about your brand.

Why do Instagram likes matter?

  • They denote the reputation your brand has among your followers.
  • They show how engaged your users/followers are with your brand.
  • They are a clear indicator of your popularity/success and the rank of your brand among similar brands.
  • They enable you to outrank your competitors on social media and boost your reputation.
  • They are great social proof – people trust more the companies who have more likes, followers, and active customers; if your brand is active for few years but still gets only a few likes, people naturally will become suspicious of the quality and wonder if there is a “hidden” problem somewhere which is the reason for the lack of likes.
  • Instagram likes to affect how your website ranks in the search results on search engines like google.
  • Virality or having your post go viral with likes can gain you great exposure and raise the awareness of your brand.

 How to improve your social media presence with Instagram likes?

The saying goes, “work smarter, not harder” and this applies to working in social media marketing as well. There are several ways you can get more likes to improve your social media presence:

  • Buy Instagram likes

This may be beneficial if you are new and you need an advantage; people tend to judge a brand’s success from the number of followers/like they have, so buying some likes will help you get on the leader board. If you decide to go with this step, make sure you are buying from trustworthy sources and bear in mind that even though this is useful, this is just the jumping point, and your target should always include gaining more natural, organic likes because those will be the potential customers who will be invested in your brand or spread the word about it.

  • Work on gaining natural, organic likes

There are several ways you can gain more organic likes and with that increase your social media presence:

  • Start with smart planning

Even when it comes to Instagram likes, you still need to have a good plan which includes:

SMART goals – which stand for:

  • Specific: what is your goal?
  • Measurable: how will you measure its success? How much will you need to consider it successful?
  • Achievable: How achievable they are? What strategies will you implement?
  • Relevant: Why this goal matters? What impact will it have on our overall social media presence?
  • Time-bound: What is the realistic deadline this goal can be achieved?
  • Write a compelling bio

This is the first thing anyone sees when visiting your profile and gives the first impression of your brand to your audience. Make sure your Instagram bio encourages people to follow you.

  • Create a unique personality for your brand

From unique feed with eye-catching photos to thematic images that are related, consistency in colors, types of posts, etc – think of your feed as your canvas and you are the artist who needs to create a synchronized masterpiece! Your content should always be visually appealing, and the voice in your captions should be both friendly, intruding and interesting!

  • Use relevant hashtags but also promote your own

Create a hashtag that is relevant to your brand (and possibly includes it); it should be campaign-specific. Also, encourage your followers to include/use it. Use it and promote it alongside other already popular hashtags.

  • Find your target audience & aim at building relationships with it

Who will be your customer? Your target audience is interested in what you have to say and your content marketing strategy should revolve around it.

  • Test different types of content

Instagram has grown into a multi-dimensional platform that offers different types of content from stories to videos, reels, etc.; do not shy away from using these! 

Jump on the trends and try to test different types of content like behind the scenes photos/videos, inspirational/call to action quotes, multiple images, reels, etc.; these will help you engage with your audience, build a relationship but also increase the chances that they will share the content and increase your visibility.

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