Important 5 technology trends you should follow in the summer of 2022

Being aware of technological innovations for the coming years is vital for the success of any enterprise, regardless of its size or market positioning. The business organization that does not adapt will lose space in its segment, harming its image and reputation in front of customers and employees.

1. Streaming Platforms

One of the key services in 2022 is  streaming platforms. Demand on services like Twitch grew due to the huge popularity of quality videos and live streams. Twitch allows consumers to choose features and functions they want to pay for. High interest in video transformed Twitch into a great platform to invest. Influencers are making colossal amounts of money with creating content. If you want to compete with big streamers, you must buy twitch views and start building your content.

2. Plataforma Cloud-Native

Cloud- native platforms ( Cloud-Native ) are part of a technology that is also emerging as a trend for 2022. The term emerged to meet techniques required by software developers to implement and maintain modern applications in their own cloud structure.

Now, this idea becomes available to all companies that want to control their own storage system autonomously, securely and with access from anywhere.

3. Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is a technological trend for 2022 that aims to abandon even more manual and repetitive tasks in companies, using automation for this purpose.

In short, the focus is on interrupting manual workflows, saving time and decreasing typing errors. In addition, it allows for more tangible and easier scalability.

4. Computing combined with privacy

Security is a requirement that will gain much prominence from 2022 onwards. In this sense, the company must pay even more attention to the parameters required in the new General Data Protection Regulation. After all, businesses that do not conform to it are already subject to a fine.

Technologies focused on data management, mainly, are gaining increasing prominence due to legislation. Therefore, it is certain that we will see significant advances in this field.

5. Cybersecurity Mesh

Following concerns about data security, we have the cybersecurity fabric as a major trend for 2022. Basically, it presupposes the adoption of resources that aim to control critical points and that can be targets of cyber attacks in companies.

This flexible architecture aims to guarantee protection against attacks in transactions, in addition to combining its functionality with those of various security systems. As a result, existing solutions in these environments act to protect consumers from cyber criminals and technical failures.

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