Importance of cleaning your air duct on a regular basis.

Most homeowners don’t think much about air conditioning until a sweltering day arrives and the system doesn’t work.

But one of the easiest ways to ensure your air conditioning system is reliable and always available when you need it is by keeping it clean.

Here are four reasons why you should have a clean air conditioner:

A clean filter allows for more excellent airflow.

All the air in your house will be pushed through that filter, and if there’s much mucking in the flow, it will reduce the airflow through your home.

A clean filter reduces your energy bill because it allows more air to move through it every moment the system is running.

having your air ducts professionally cleaned results in the system not having to work as hard to cool your home, thus lowering your energy expenditure by a noticeable amount.

Clean air ducts and a clean filter to improve air quality in your home.

The air conditioning system is responsible for all air circulation in your home, so when you keep it clean, it improves the air quality inside your home by reducing the circulation of dust and other irritants through the ducts.

A clean air conditioner results in less maintenance for the air conditioner itself and, therefore, a lower maintenance cost.

Some systems are high maintenance simply because they are never cleaned.

If the system has to work hard all the time to cool your home, it will require more maintenance and must be replaced much sooner than it would if you kept it clean.

Clean air ducts and filters can help reduce the incidence of disease.

By reducing the number of bacteria and other unhealthy things floating in the air, there’s a good chance you won’t get sick as often as you do now.

Maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner will make your equipment work properly.

Hire professionals to disinfect the air

  • Poor ventilation: the air should be filtered by improper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Indoor contamination: work, people, the incorrect use of chemical products, or cross-contamination from other poorly ventilated areas, among other things.
  • External pollution: gases from boilers, contaminated air discharged to the outside and re-enters through the air conditioning intakes, etc.

As a result of all this and the ignorance often of having your air ducts professionally cleaned, there are risks of infections or contagion by viruses, bacteria and fungi such as Legionella.

How to clean the air conditioner?

To maintain a domestic refrigeration appliance, it is necessary to take care of the condition of the filters and the indoor and outdoor units.

These are the different stages of cleaning:

Cleaning the filters

It is essential always to keep the filters clean as they are the part of the equipment that guarantees air quality and tends to accumulate more dust.

For cleaning, follow these steps.

  • Turn off the appliance and remove the filters.
  • Pass a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust as possible.
  • Next, clean the filters with a cloth soaked in soap and water or washing detergent.
  • Let the filter dry.
  • Once it is scorched, place the filter back in the appliance.

It is advisable to clean the filters once or twice a month (when the equipment is running). If the filter is in poor condition or the appliance has not been used for a long time, it is preferable to change the filter.

It is also recommended to consult the equipment manual and follow the instructions on the frequency of filter replacement.

Cleaning of indoor units

Dust can also accumulate on the indoor unit of the equipment, so it is essential to clean it regularly. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device
  • Pass a damp sponge over the indoor unit.
  • Insist on the areas of the air outlet and check that no dust has accumulated.
  • Use a dry cloth to finish cleaning.

The cleaning of the indoor unit is carried out at least twice a year, as well as on occasions deemed necessary.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

One possible source of “contamination” is the outdoor unit of the equipment. It is susceptible because it is directly exposed to leaves, dust and debris that move through the air.

After a long period of inactivity with the appliance, it is essential to clean the outdoor unit. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Check that there are no objects in the vents.
  • Empty the condensate tray and wipe a damp cloth over it to clean it.
  • Clean the rest of the outdoor unit with a slightly damp sponge.

The outdoor unit must be cleaned at least twice a year, once of them before turning on the appliance. Check the grilles’ condition regularly to ensure nothing obstructs the device.

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