Implementing AWS Monitoring for Efficient Cloud Management

A wrong approach could cause you to struggle with your present AWS monitoring system. The stability and performance of your apps within the infrastructure depends upon you running the monitoring system properly. 

In this article, we’re going to share a few recommendations and tips about how you can set up an efficient AWS monitoring system. But before continuing with this article, why don’t you go through these short reads about designing a winner network operation system and getting the most of your B2B vendor portal.

Your Approach to AWS Monitoring

Managing the performance of your AWS apps relies a lot on monitoring the metrics that assist you with the following:

  • Streamlining issue resolution and troubleshooting
  • Minimizing the likelihood of runtime errors
  • Optimizing resource consumption of AWS
  • Ensuring that the cloud apps are always online

We suggest that you follow the best practices and take the approach which centers on simplicity and performance for better integration of the AWS monitoring into the system of your company and reaping its benefits. 

Key Metrics For Monitoring

The mistake that beginners often make is tracking too many metrics at once. This creates a system which is too complex and difficult to maintain. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor the following metrics:

  • Traffic: It is the number of user requests per unit time
  • Latency: It is the time required to respond to a user’s request
  • Errors: It is the number of requests that are not taken
  • Saturation: It is the measurement of well your resources are used

You can start monitoring these metrics and build on them as your system develops with time. The important thing here is monitoring the metrics that affect the performance of your apps and not gathering repetitive metrics. 

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Applying the Monitoring Rules

Rules are very important in running any system, they make its architecture. The following are a few guidelines for the Devop experts on making rules:

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  • The conditions which are monitored should be actionable, urgent and impact users.
  • The established rules should be able to single out a condition which is unusual
  • The rules should only alert the personnel who can resolve the issue
  • The notifications and alerts should be as minimum as possible
  • The response to alerts should be automated as much as possible

AWS Security Monitoring

Addressing the security issues of your AWS system should be the key aspect of your monitoring approach. Although the security issues vary from industry to industry in AWS but the principles at core remain the same. You must make sure a strong access control to your AWS account and resources. 

Tools Recommended

We recommend using software programs such as, Amazon CloudWatch, Nagios, Zabbix and Prometheus alone or in combination. How you use them depends on the situation. CloudWatch is a good option if your entire system is on AWS. But if the architecture of your system is running under a hybrid multi-cloud system then it is better to look for third party tools. 

If you want customization then Zabbix and Nagios could be for you. Prometheus also allows for simple customization and offers convenient dashboard tools. 

Final Words

Taking a proper approach to AWS monitoring from the start will help you avoid security issues, downtimes and unanswered user requests. But its proper development does require deep technological knowledge and understanding of cloud management. You can outsource a talented team with experience for this purpose or let your staff handle it if they are skilled enough.

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