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Progressing as a society means that we have developed lots of new technology which has completely transformed many industries, the marketing industry had to completely reinvent itself. An industry that once consisted of a printing press and billboards has turned into a slew of many different media outlets, radio stations, social media platforms, websites, blogs, applications, and a large amount of analytics. The Imperium Group is a global PR company, and one of the top pr firms in Dallas, which uses these modern tactics to quickly improve the reputation of their clients. It is undeniable that without a firm presence in the media no organization or person can thrive, but handling all of the exposure yourself can get overwhelming. They have many tactics which they use to positively improve the reputation of their clients, here are a few of the ones that they find to be most effective.  Imperium Group also specializes in Google Knowledge Panels

Create a relationship with the media

The large number of media outlets available causes controversy due to the different views and motives that each one has, which results in biased reporting. By forming a relationship with any major media outlet or even just a particular reporter, you are setting yourself up for a successful future. This is no easy task and will take lots of persistence but once you have created such a connection you will be able to take advantage of many benefits that come with it. Whichever media outlet or reporter that you have created a relationship with will be more inclined to provide support in the future as well as stray away from reporting on harmful rumors or topics that may purposefully harm your reputation. 

Paid Partnership

Prior to the creation of social media platforms and media websites, a company had to advertise its product through a commercial, billboard, or ad in a paper. Social media has changed the way we do things since a single person can attract the attention of tens to hundreds of millions of people. Not only are social media influencers attracting people in massive numbers but they create a much bigger impact since their followers truly care about what they have to say in their posts or social media stories. Instead of paying for an ad on TV, companies are teaming up with social media influencers so that they can post reviews or pictures with the product that they sent them to test out. Most major social media platforms provide services so that businesses can easily connect with top social media influencers. After the concept is communicated to the public figure they begin creating the perfect advertisement for the client. 

Viral Advertising

This specific tactic uses social media to its advantage since a viral image or video can circulate and accumulate millions of views. Through this process, an organization would need to make a well-made advertisement in the form of a photo or video. The content that they create needs to be attention-grabbing and very unique or else it will be disregarded by many others on the internet. This process is highly effective but not completely guaranteed, it may take you a couple of times to produce the right content. Upon creating a piece of viral content it is crucial that you reflect on the creative process that was used so you can apply it to your future creations in order to continue publishing viral material.

Public commentary on relevant matters

After an event takes place there are typically at least two different views on it which creates lots of controversy between the different groups. Commenting on a recent event is very important for your reputation since a unique and reasonable viewpoint can get you lots of positive exposure, while the wrong viewpoint can completely ruin the way the public perceives you. Releasing a public statement regarding the current issue means that you will gain a lot of media exposure and support from anyone else who is involved. This can oftentimes lead to your name being mentioned in lots of articles. 

Association with COVID-19

It is clear that the most discussed topic in recent times has been the COVID-19 virus, it has disrupted many industries and countries all over the world. There are many views and opinions circulating as well as lots of confusing or false information. By releasing a public statement regarding how to properly handle this pandemic and providing accurate information, you are gaining attention from millions of people all around the world who are invested in the topic. Creating a well-written and reputable statement regarding COVID-19 will almost certainly cause it to be circulated through many large media outlets. 

PR Platforms

Creating coverage in the media is a large task and can often be too overwhelming for a single person which is why many organizations choose to go through experienced platforms or agencies. These platforms are able to help their clients get featured on Forbes and other major media outlets, this increase in media coverage can help just about anybody. The Imperium Group is one of these platforms, they are able to get their clients major media exposure. Many people or organizations are not able to handle their own marketing so rather than hire a full-time employee they are able to simply reach out to a PR platform or agency that is able to provide them with extensive marketing tools and services.

This list of tactics are some of the most effective ones anybody could use, but they would still only be scratching the surface. Forming a positive media presence takes lots of planning and skills, it is a large task but not an impossible one. You can easily streamline the process by working with experienced agencies such as the Imperium Group. 

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