Impact that spirituality awakening has on drug addicts

Spirituality plays a huge role in the lives of people. People who are religious tend to stay clear of any drugs and alcohol. They have no liking for it as well and according to research, people that believe in a higher power have a high chance of never relapsing while people who are not, they are more likely to relapse as there is no force that can keep them in a barrier of check and balance. This check and balance, this feeling of security is what spirituality offers among many others.

Drug addiction has many forms of treatments. There are the popular forms such as rehab treatment programs which are inpatient rehab program as well as outpatient one. These two are at the forefront of drug addiction cures, while spiritual treatment through the 12-step program is an aspect that can be attached to these two treatment programs. These two treatment programs can also be evolved if the person is not seeing any results via the intensive inpatient program and intensive outpatient program. But they can be evolved further by incorporating a spiritual aspect to these programs.

The impact that spirituality has on drug addicts is the following:

Blood pressure is lowed considerably due to focus on spirituality.

Spirituality as mentioned before can reduce tension, stress, anxiety and many other negative emotions by just focusing on a power and letting that power hold you whenever things get tight. Spirituality reduced these emotions because of meditation and the thoughts not affecting you that used to affect you.

You will see an increase in joy.

What a focus on spirituality and a belief in a higher power will do for you is that it will make you feel as if you are in the present and you can do things happily without worrying about relapsing, without worrying about drugs, or people that could affect your mental state. None of that can happen when you free yourself to a higher being, to nature, to a spiritual awakening that can hold you in the toughest of times and keep you safe enough to ensure that you can enjoy every passing moment and experience of your life.

Extremely low rate of ever relapsing.

As mentioned in the previous point, the relapsing part becomes a history in drug addiction treatment via spirituality. This happens due to a number of factors, the first factor being that this is a sort of a moral code that many religions integrate into people, second factor being that it is considered a sin, third factor being that the Lord, or a higher being is always watching over you which decreases your chances of ever relapsing.

You will feel less aggression.

As feelings of joy increase and anxiety, stress, and tension reduce, your aggression will automatically diminish over time. The main reason why this happens is because in the 12-step spiritual program, there is strong emphasis on forgiveness, and when you forgive—you forget, this forgiveness lifts a huge weight off of your shoulders that makes you less angry at yourself and others who did wrong to you.

Become a new you.

When you come out of the rehab treatment program, your spiritual self will completely change you as compared to how you used to be. This spiritual self of yours will make you decide differently, will make you more loving and caring towards people, and most of all it will give you a second chance at living a good life.

If all of these aspects are what you are looking for, then it is about time you get started on them. Therefore, in order to get a 12-step spiritual program administered to you whilst you get treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, then see here for more info.

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