Impact of IVF and ARK-Cryo on Modern Transportation

International ‘hand-carry’ transfers of frozen IVF components like embryos, sperm, eggs, and other cells are now possible thanks to ARK-Cryo for fertility clinics and research centers worldwide. International air cryo-shipments are no problem for ARK-Cryo’s team of professionals. As a result of our longstanding relationships with the world’s largest airlines, we can guarantee on-time delivery no matter where you are or how tight your deadlines are.

Brokerage services provided by customs officers: Customs clearance is one of the most challenging aspects of shipping cryo-materials overseas. ARK-Cryo’s customs brokerage services encompass everything a shopper needs to get their cargo through the customs process, from receiving it to clearing it for export.

With our 24-hour customer service and online monitoring system, you can keep tabs on your cryo-shipment’s progress anywhere. Once the dewar is picked up, you’ll know exactly how long it takes to go there and when you’ll arrive.

Information about cryo shipment in Europe

A dewar medical container transports numerous frozen biomaterials, including embryos, sperm, oocytes, and pharmaceuticals. To ship cryo specimens, you need the proper containers. Dewars, or dry shippers, are the only containers that can be used to transport the professional IVF courier. Transporting biomaterials in native nitrogen at -196°C ensures that they do not melt and lose their properties. An embryologist is the only person who can correctly thaw the biomaterial for successful fertilization. How do you fill-up the containers? Conveyors hand the embryologist a pre-chilled dewar, which they must fill with frozen biomaterial. It’s critical to adhere to the following packing guidelines:

It’s best to pack it in a single layer.

Because their donor materials are located in a different nation than where they are being treated, cryo shipment services are used by patients. It is necessary to have all shipping paperwork translated according to all regulations and licenses. Ark Cryo shipping costs are the responsibility of the patient. It should ensure that everything runs as smoothly as likely; the cryo shipping firm will prepare all the necessary paperwork and obtain any necessary permits.

Cryo shipping questions and answers videos are now available to help you learn more about IVF sample transportation.

Specifically, the European Union Tissue and Cells Directives (EUTCD) – the European Directive that governs the processes connected to reproductive medicine within the EU – describes the conditions for the import and export of IVF samples from other non-EU nations. In addition, each EU country may have its own set of regulations regarding the movement of artificial insemination samples from one country to another.

UK fertility laws are governed by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA). However, the regulations and responsibilities are only applicable to UK clinics. Regulations and procedures for clinics in the United States that accept samples of products from other nations are described by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).ICAO and IATA are the agencies in charge of describing the rules and requirements for flying with biomaterials.

However, a few courier companies have developed a legal means to circumvent this restriction in European Union countries. The customs office should be furnished with invoices that describe the amount of material being delivered and the features of the equipment in which it travels.

The details of the sender and recipient, the export and import dates, and the method of transportation employed. Customs pre-clearance is performed a few days before departure based on these invoices, the international cooperation agreement, and the forwarder’s (i.e., courier’s) data. Depending on the country, an electronic declaration may be necessary. Individual requests for transportation are handled by ARK Cryo, which provides information in a language that is convenient for patients and the country they are traveling to.

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