IDN Slot Power of Odin Offers Prizes of IDR 6 Billion!

Taking advantage of the IDN Slot promotional offers for the Power of Odin game is indeed profitable. Because the total prizes offered reach IDR 6 billion, where you have the opportunity to get IDR 1.5 billion every week. Starting from 15 December 2022 to 11 January 2023.

Maybe there are only a few more days left, but no one knows about luck. For that you need to know this interesting information. We will explain the details about this promotion, as well as provide detailed information about the Power of Odin slot machine.

Because it’s impossible to only discuss IDN Slot promotions, you also need to know how to win at Power of Odin. Then we will also provide other important information here now, not forgetting the site that offers this promotion as well as a direct link to the website.

IDN Cash Drop Slots

This promotion is called IDN Slot Cash Drop. You can get it when you become a member at Vio88 and play the Power of Odin slot machine. There are not many conditions that you have to fulfill to get prizes from this cash drop promotion. Because it is random or random, so for this Odin slot machine player, you can get the chance to grab it.

Indeed, you do not immediately get a nominal value of 1.5 billion Rupiah. But the nominal value of the prize is between Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 750,000, so it will indeed be spread among all slot betting players who play the power of odin. If you are lucky, you may be able to get a larger total prize.

In fact, without just using this prize, playing the slot machines offered is already profitable. Especially when you get a bonus like this, of course the value of the initial profit that can be obtained will be even greater than before.

If you look at the prize distribution mechanism, there will indeed be an opportunity for 20,000 players to get 750,000 every week. This means that if you are smart you can get twice as much, you can play more often. Or an easy way to invite friends to play Power of Odin. But to be more specific about how to get it, we will dissect it later.

Now you only need to understand the opportunities and benefits offered by the provider, namely IDN Slots, regarding this promotion. With a large nominal and this opportunity you should be able to take advantage of. Especially for those of you who really want to focus on making a profit while playing slot bets.

Easy Ways to Get Cash Drop Prizes

Targeting the benefits of the Cash Drop offered by IDN Slot for the Power of Odin slot machine is indeed very interesting. Because you can combine it with other promotions. We will detail in more detail later. But before that you have to be sure of yourself, because many betting players want to get bonuses or promotions but they are pessimistic first.

For this reason, we assure you here, you are entitled to get a prize as long as you follow the terms and conditions that apply. The conditions are like this:

Then for how to get it there are several steps:

  1. You can consistently bet on the Power of Odin slot machine, until you get a prize. This means not playing on other Slot Online machines , but focusing on playing on only one machine, namely Odin.
  2. Then you can invite friends to play here, the advantage of this method is that you can also use friends who play as referrals. Because here, when you make referrals or invite friends. You can earn a few percent of the transactions he makes.
  3. Learn to take advantage when playing on Power of Odin. Once you understand the game mechanics in Power of Odin, you will play more there. So that you can get the opportunity to receive Cash Drop.

Simple steps that can later bring benefits to you from Cash Drop prizes. Moreover, in the second step it is very true, you can make friends who play here as referrals. So that the nominal profit that you can get or generate is even more.

Just imagine if you could benefit from Cash Drop. Then a plus can benefit from your referrals. Of course the benefits you get will be very multiple, you might not need to play anymore. Just waiting for every profit to come in, but that’s only one of many possibilities.

What is certain is that you must be able to take advantage of each promotional offer properly. So that you can get a lot of benefits too, starting from understanding how this slot machine works. Then focus on receiving Cash Drop as well as several other promotions.

Review Power of Odin

Real provision for you to benefit here, not only knowing how to get the bonus. But you also need to know how to play the Power of Odin itself. Of course you need to know the mechanics of this slot machine, so you can continue to bet consistently on that machine.

The first thing we will discuss is about how to win in Odin slots. The trick is to get 8 symbols in one screen. This means that the calculation of the bet payout is not much different from Olympus, even here you will find scatters. Where when you can collect 4 scatters you can enter free spin mode.

So for those of you who have played Gates of Olympus before, playing Power of Odin won’t be that difficult. Because it seems that the IDN Slot provider designed the Power of Odin to be almost 11-12 with Olympus. The rest there are additions such as multipliers like when playing the Olympus bet.

Above are the details of each payout you will get from each symbol. Then there are some other symbols like this one.

All symbols in the Power of Odin slot machine have their own payout value. So make sure you know it, so you don’t get confused about the value of the benefits that might be obtained.

Then on this betting machine made by IDN Slots, you can also buy the free spins feature directly by paying 50 times the value of the bet. The smallest bet value is IDR 200 and the largest is IDR 3 million. You can adjust the bet using the minus and plus buttons.

Then your balance will also be immediately visible there. In terms of RTP itself, Power of Odin has a number of 96%, which is a nominal value that is ideal for RTP. While the volatility itself is medium or moderate. It means Slot Gacor machine is relatively comfortable to play for you, especially those who are new to playing slot bets.

Is It Difficult to Get Promotional Gifts?

In fact, there are many promotions offered by the best betting sites like Vio88. Especially if you visit another trusted site, namely Nirwanapoker. You will get other attractive offers.

But here we will discuss, is it really difficult to get this prize? Depends on yourself personally. Because for a winner, every effort he makes is to get his goal. In this case it’s a gift, it’s trying hard.

Therefore whether it is difficult or not will really depend on you, especially in terms of your goals. If indeed you can’t focus on getting it. So it will be difficult, on the other hand, if you can focus and apply a number of the methods that we provide as above. Obviously it will be easy to get.

Play Power of Odin IDN Slot at Vio88 and Nirwanapoker

These two trusted sites are highly recommended, especially for cash drop promotions. You can get it if you are already a member at Vio88 and of course play the Power of Odin slot first.

If you are not yet a member, you can consider starting now to register here. In order to get the opportunity to receive a very large total prize. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play here too, so that you increase the chances of getting a jackpot of IDR 1.5 billion per week.

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