Identify real gemstones from the fake ones and save your precious money

In today’s time, most of the gemstones that are being sold in the market are fake. People who wear various gemstones such as panna, ruby, pukhraj, neelam, etc might not know but these stones are all fake and not real gemstones. They are either treated glass or natural stone filled with glass after heating.  This helps the retailers in offering beautiful and cheap alternative to real gemstones at a throwaway price of Rs. 10k to 20k. People who are not aware of this malpractice live under the impression that they are actually wearing a real stone and seek astrological benefits from them. 

For example, if you go to market for buying Pukhraj Gemstone, you may find a beautiful looking stone that is transparent with yellowish hues. But it may not be a real gemstone. If you get these stones tested by IGI- GTL, you will be able to find out that the stones are heated, and colour modified. The colour and transparency is modified with the help of chemical treatment. The molecular structure changes post chemical treatment and hence there is no way you can derive astrological benefits from the stone. Sadly, only such stones are being sold and bought by people!

Some retailers also fool people by charging a bomb owing to beauty and transparency of the stone. And people happily pay huge sum of money because of sheer unawareness. Such treated stones are being sold across the country. In reality, these stones are very cheap but are sold at higher prices to the clients. Even the certifications shown to customers are not authentic. Real Pukhraj has lines and spots on it. 

The same happens with Panna stone. There is a stone known as Beryl that costs really less. This stone resembles with Columbian Panna and hence the stone is sold as Columbian Panna Gemstone in the market to deceive people and earn money. Panna is a type of Beryl stone but not all Beryl stones are Panna. However, sellers take benefit of the resemblance in appearance to cheat people. People are not able to differentiate between real Panna and Beryl stone and therefore they get deceived by sellers. You can also find another popular panna gemstone in the market which is actually natural dyed panna. It is heated and filled with colour which enhances its beauty and transparency. Real Panna stones have white lines and lesser transparency.

There are fake substitutes of Neelam as well in the market. These are colour treated stones filled with cobalt. It is the dyed cobalt that enhances the beauty of these stones. These are not real Neelam gemstones but are sold widely in the market. The jewellery council states that these stones are colour and clarity enhanced. They are heated and filled with cobalt coloured lead glass. The heating process modifies colour and transparency. The real Neelam stones have lines, they are less transparent, and lesser blue in colour. 

Even the Ruby gemstones have same story. Some call them Burmese Ruby while others recognize them as Kabul’s Ruby. However, the fact is that it is Indian Ruby which is melted completely and filled with glass. It is a cheaply priced stone that is sold at exorbitant prices. Real Ruby is light in colour and the price increases as its transparency enhances. 

Talking about diamonds, 99% of the diamonds that are being sold in the market are fracture filled diamonds which makes the feathers less apparent. This enhances the shine of the diamond. These diamonds look flawless and white but real diamonds are far from these fake ones. And if you go for a flawless real diamond, it’s very expensive. These treated diamonds are being sold in the market in the name of Solitaires. 

If you are looking for gemstones or diamond, then ‘Gem Selections should be the one-stop-destination for you. Every piece of stone is government certified at the store. Only certified and lab tested gemstones and diamonds are displayed in the store for clients. You can buy authentic gemstones from their retail store or visit the website of Khanna Gems to make the selection. You can see the stones and find the difference between how real gemstones and diamonds differ from fake ones. 

Gems Selections is a unit of Khanna Gems which is serving its loyal patrons from over three decades. Khanna Gems is synonymous to authentic and genuine gemstones. You can rest assured about finding right stone for yourself with required certification and guarantee of original product. This is one place where you won’t be deceived for money. 

If you are wearing treated stones, it is time to discard them and invest in real stones for deriving actual astrological benefits. The aim of wearing gemstones is different from wearing any other piece of jewellery. Gemstones are worn based on zodiac signs and astrological consultation to derive certain benefits and ward off unwanted situations. This is only possible when you wear real gemstones. 

Khanna Gems is headed By Mr. Pankaj Khanna who did his diploma in Gemmology in 1986. He started his business in 1987 along with his wife Mrs. Anu Khanna. Later on, their Son Aaradhya Dev also came onboard and the trio along with a dedicated team is reaching new horizons in the industry. 

Mr. Khanna He is a member of Indian Diamond institute, Surat. Institution of Valuers, Pune has acknowledged his expertise and honoured him with chartered valuer of jewellery award. The business has won several awards and accolades owing to quality product and excellent service. Gem Selections is setting new milestones in the gemstone industry with never seen before initiatives. They offer gemstones on EMI lasting from 6 months to 180 months which seldom happens in the industry. 

With more such ideas and initiatives, Khanna Gems aspires to open 50 new retail stores across the globe by March 2021. They also wish to achieve the target of 10 million views online every month. With unparalleled services and authentic products, Khanna group has carved a niche for themselves. For any gemstone or diamond needs, they are truly one of the best brands. 

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