Iconic wedding dresses according to Dream Bridal Couture

Each wedding dress can tell its own unique story about the history of its creation and about its mistress, whose personality certainly affects the perception of the dress and its character. And today we want to tell you about the most iconic, in our opinion, dresses in history, the very ones that became a symbol of the era and showed the world new examples of classic wedding fashion, which fashion designers are guided by to this day. So, the top 5 wedding dresses according to Dream Bridal Couture.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress: princess for all times

The wedding dress of Diana Spencer, which is still kept in awe in the residence of the British kings, has become a landmark for many generations of brides, representing a real princess dress, created from the best materials, placers of pearls and diamonds. But not only the quality and variety of fabrics used for the wedding dress aroused the delight of the audience at one time – the designers provided a wow effect thanks to a huge train, which was designed according to the dimensions of St. Paul’s Cathedral, occupying exactly the entire length and width of the aisle.

Kate Middleton: the owner of the most sensational wedding dress of the 20th century

Despite the fact that, when choosing a wedding dress, girls are used to focusing on movie stars, or individuals of royal blood, the princesses themselves have a hard time, because their choice is not only an impeccable appearance on the wedding day, but also issues of foreign and domestic policy. Read about how to choose your perfect dress in our blog,and how iconic people choose motifs for dresses you can read further in this article.

According to the creators of the dress, for the ceremony of Kate Middleton and Prince William, they had to wash their hands very often and change needles so that the snow-white silk and lace outfit looked flawless. The meticulous work resulted in a masterpiece with symbolic embroidery in the form of symbols of the kingdom: the English rose, the Welsh daffodil, the Scottish thistle and the Irish shamrock.

Angelina Jolie’s veil with children’s drawings

Classic is not necessarily something old, but it is certainly something eternal – we are sure, and therefore we placed Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress in our top 5, who chose a laconic silk A-line dress, but complemented it with a chic veil in a floor with multi-colored drawings of their children, because family means children, who are the best reflection of ourselves.

Mermaid with train for Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian knows how to make all the visible virtues even more feminine, for who’s wedding the designers created an extraordinary lace mermaid dress with an open back and an unrealistically long train. That bright case when the right mermaid makes the image light and fragile, which the bride should be.

A thousand of frills on Jacqueline Kennedy’s dress

Jacqueline was a role model for many girls of her time and her wedding dress was no exception. It is interesting that an African-American woman became its designer, and therefore the dress became bright and iconic, as well as its owner. As many as 45 meters of silk taffeta were needed to decorate the many frills and folds on a dress with a fluffy skirt and dropped shoulders.

Timeless classic from Dream Bridal Couture

Focusing on the best examples in the history of bridal gowns, for almost 10 years we have been creating the most popular dresses for brides from all over the world. We are chosen because we:

  • Choose only the best and natural fabrics and materials of the highest quality
  • Cooperate with wedding salons and fashion houses around the world so that you can try on a dress in Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, and wherever you comfortable
  •  All embroidery and decorative work is done only by hand
  • We are engaged in individual tailoring of dresses and always take into account the tastes and wishes of the client
  • Take into account the religious and cultural traditions of the bride; we offer a huge selection of dresses for Muslim brides

Dream Bridal Couture knows what girls want!

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