Hypoallergenic baby formula

If you notice that your newborn reacts badly to breast milk or baby formula, the first thing to do is to consult a petiatrist.

Very often the problem is milk protein. In these cases, the pediatrician will recommend a hypoallergenic baby formula, which not only will not cause digestion problems, but will also provide your baby with all the necessary macro- and micro- nutrients.

But first make sure 100 percent that it really is an allergy.

Symptoms of a formula allergy

One hour after eating, immediate symptoms of an allergic reaction may occur, including itchy skin, rash, vomiting, Quince’s edema (severe swelling caused by fluid collecting under the skin) and anaphylactic reaction (an allergic reaction of the whole body that suddenly occurs). A delayed allergic reaction is more difficult to diagnose and may occur hours or days after a meal. Possible symptoms include eczema, chronic diarrhea, colic, abdominal pain, and slow growth. Babies who are allergic to cow’s protein in the formula also have poor eating habits and are slow to put on weight.

Therefore, hypoallergenic formula is absolutely essential for babies who have problems digesting regular baby formula. Without it, they will not absorb nutrients properly and will not grow.

A hypoallergenic formula is an adapted formula created specifically for feeding children who have had adverse reactions to the introduction of an ordinary formula. What is their nature? It’s hard to answer unequivocally, because every baby is different.

However, we should not forget that almost all baby formula is made from whey or cow’s milk. Of course, the latter is an incredibly useful product, but only for children with a mature digestive system. Those, who have not yet fully matured, do not have enough enzymes to break down the proteins of milk. As a result, they penetrate into the blood, combined with allergens and lead to the same unpleasant consequences.

And the milk protein itself is already an allergen. And not only newborns, and some adults simply cannot stand it. The same “properties”, by the way, differ in egg white and gluten, are also often included in most formulas. This is what manufacturers of hypoallergenic baby food keep their small consumers from.

A true hypoallergenic baby formula is distinguished from a conventional one by the following characteristics:

  • The amount of protein – in 1 liter of the finished product should be in the range of 12 – 14 g;
  • Whey protein to casein ratio – should be between 60:40 and 80:20;
  • Number of carbohydrates – ideally, the figure should be 7 g per 1 liter;
  • Quality of fast – they should be easily digestible.

All these data are on the package, so if necessary you can always check them.

In hypoallergenic formula, cow protein is hydrolyzed (broken down into tiny particles) to be more easily digested by the baby. The taste of such a formula is somewhat unusual. Newborns accept it normally, but slightly older babies may mind and find them unpalatable.

HiPP HA Combiotic hypoallergenic milk formula is specially formulated for allergic children with special needs in mind. Normally the formula contains protein (no way around it), but it is highly hydrolyzed. That is, the components of the casein component are broken down into tiny particles that are easier for the baby’s body to digest. The formula is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play an important role in the formation of the brain and have a positive effect on vision. The formula is also similar to breast milk in its content of probiotics and prebiotics, which set up the baby’s intestinal microflora to work smoothly and steadily.

Remember the most significant thing, allergies are not a sentence. More than 50% of children lose their allergies as they grow up. The main thing is to monitor your baby’s condition, consult your pediatrician and choose a quality diet, and then your baby will be healthy and energetic.

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