Humane health with modern technology

Humane health

We live in modern society. In every day in our daily basis, we use our modern inventions technology. Life has become more comfortable and helpful by modern devices and facilities. The revolutionary innovation and ideas make us more reliable but also idle. Now let’s talk about some technology innovations and ideas that make our life smooth and friendly.



What is nanotechnology?

Suppose we want to understand about nanotechnology we need to understand 1st what do we mean by nano. Nano means a small amount I mean a tiny amount. In a simple word if we divide 1 meter into 1 billion pieces, then the length of the smallest particle is called one nanometer. So we can understand how little means one nanometer.so nanotechnology means the technologies or the devices which are in nano range or atomic webvan. A nanoparticle is so small that we need an electronic magnifier to see any nanoparticle.

Nanotechnology in medical science

Nanotechnology is vastly used in different small things. In medical science, this kind of technology is used in blood cells. Suppose you are having a blood disease or having a problem in an atomic level in your body. In that case, the doctors will inject you nanobots or robots, which is nanometer long. So it can easily travel through the blood cells or vessels and can find out any atomic level problem. Then the doctors can take necessary steps to treat the patient.

Social Network

Social Network
Social Network

What is the social network?

The social network has become one of the most common and vastly used technologies in the whole world. Especially in this kind 0f pandemic situation, the usage of the social network is significant. Actually, in this age of the modern world, technology has decreased the distance between person to person. The internet has made a web in the whole world, and we are kind of connected with it. The social network works with the help of internet.

Usage in medical science

The usage of the social network is seen in medical science wordupmagazine. By using social networking, the doctors and patient can talk to each other, and the patient can discuss their problem form a long distance. In the pandemic situation, it is hazardous to go outside and maintain social distance. So the social network has made a comfort zone for both patient and doctor to ensure the treatment. Doctors can also collaborate with another doctor to give the proper procedure to the patient of a complicated and severe case.



What is a robot?

Robots are made and programmed to do specific tasks. An intelligent robot can do multiple works alone. From our bed cleaning to cook and many other works can be easily done by weblo. The robots are made from mechanized tools and different kinds of parts and hardware. Manufacture company can install the software and set the task and commands to follow. In real life,  these days the robots are vastly used in not only in the factory but also in the home. The main advantage of robots is they can do work precisely and fast. In a dangerous situation where it is very risky or harsh for a person to do the job there, a robot can do the job very quickly and fast talkomatics.

Robots in healthcare

In medical science, robots are used in recent days. Operations require more precise hand the robot can do that kind of job. Modern Ai robots can also have medical knowledge preloaded and suggest other ways to do this kind of employment. Robots can also act as an assistant. Robots can also check the vital state and can inform in serious condition.

New technology is coming in ipick. New technologies are secure, and they are not cheap. But we can expect to be more efficient and more reliable, and we can hope for a better future with this kind and advance technology.


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