Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4 fitness tracker – the new wearable device from Huawei. In terms of functionality, this tracker is very similar to Honor Band 5, but for some reason it’s even more rudimentary. It has the usual set of features: time, date, steps, distance, calories, weather, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, phone search. There are a lot of training modes: running (on the street and treadmill), walking (street/room), exercise bike, ellipse, rowing machine and free training. But on the other hand, there is a mode of cycling on the street, but it is available, for some unknown reason, only in EMUI shell from version 5.0 and newer or OS 9.0 and higher. On EMUI 8.1 there is a camera shutter control. The design of Huawei Band 4 is even more concise than Honor Band 5. It has a flat shape, and the glass in front with 2.5D rounding at the edges and an oleophobic coating. The screen, along with the glass, is embedded in a thin plastic frame of dark gray color. At the bottom there is a small oblong button that resembles a navigation button from EMUI. The dimensions of the module along the entire length without a strap are 56 × 18.5 × 12.5 mm. But of course, the visible area is smaller – about 46 mm long. Band 4 weighs 24 grams with a strap. It is comfortable and you can wear it constantly. The front panel includes a screen and a touch button. The ends of the sides are completely empty, the top has a strap mount, and the bottom has additional contacts. On the back are service markings and a window with sensors, which almost do not protrude above the surface. The bracelet is protected from moisture, and has water resistance is up to 50 meters. This is enough not to worry about simple everyday things and calmly wash your hands or take a shower without removing the bracelet from your wrist. The color of the case can be orange, pink and black. The strap also follows the color of the case. Strap is made of fairly soft silicone rubber, without any pattern on the inside or outside. There is a holder with a retainer and the Huawei logo on the strap. The strap has a matte finish with glossy diagonal slices. Everything is fixed very securely, with a characteristic click. There are a lot of holes on the strap, it’s very straight and no doubt that it fits on any wrist. It has a length of 123 + 85 mm and a width of 17 mm. The screen of Huawei Band 4 is touch-sensitive, made using TFT technology with a resolution of 160 × 80 pixels and a diagonal of 0.96″. The display is bright, viewing angles are good despite the type of matrix. The only thing that’s inferior to competitors is the depth of black. There are 5 modes of brightness. For most cases, 2-3 levels are enough, but if in a specific period the sun is bright on the street, you will have to raise it to the 4th or 5th.

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