HRC Fuse: Working Principle, Types, Application & Advantages 

What Exactly Is An HRC Fuse?

HRC fuse (high rupturing capacity fuse) is a type of fuse in which the fuse wire transmits a short circuit current for a defined period. If a fault occurs in the circuit, it explodes. The HRC fuse is composed of glass unless another type of chemical compound is used. The fuse’s cage can be firmly closed to keep air from the atmosphere out. The ceramic enclosure is formed with a metal cover fused with fusible silver wire on both sides of the fuse. Its enclosure comprises some space surrounded by wire that would otherwise be a fuse element. HRC fuses are reliable and feature that if the fault current is strong, the break time is short. Similarly, if the fault current is low, the break time is prolonged. 

What Is The Working Principle Of An HRC Fuse?

Under normal circumstances, the current flowing through the fuse does not generate enough energy to soften the element. If a large current travels through the fuse, it melts the fuse element before the fault current reaches its climax.

When the fuse is in an overload condition, the fuse element will not blow off; nevertheless, if this condition persists for a lengthy period, a material such as Eutectic will dissolve and break the fuse element. When the fuse is shorted, the thin regions of the fuse element with the least area dissolve quickly and smash before the eutectic material. As a result, the restrictions inside the HRC Fuse element are provided.

Types Of HRC Fuses

There are three types of HRC Fuses: 

1. NH Type Fuse

This fuse protects against short circuits and overload for low and medium voltage. These fuses protect motor starters and other devices against overload and short circuits. These fuses are less in weight and have a solid dimension. 

2. Din Type Fuse

These are available in a wide range of rated currents and are employed in various fields for various reasons, including their ability to operate at varying temperatures. These are exposed to various voltage levels and protect the transformer, and this has a great cleaning capacity for perfecting the short-circuit act. These are utilised in the air and mining industries, feeder sectionalising, gas-insulated switchgear, and transformers. 

3. Blade Type Fuse

This fuse is also known as a plug-I or spade fuse. These are supplied with a plastic body and two metal covers to fit within the socket. These are generally employed in automobiles to prevent short circuits and wiring and in motors to provide backup protection. These are less in weight and have a lower cutoff current. Blade type fuses are available in various sizes and forms, as well as different current ratings. 

Application Of HRC Fuses

The following are some of the uses for HRC fuses.

  • HRC fuses are used in HV switchgear to safeguard the circuit from short circuits.
  • Used for backup protection.
  • Used to safeguard electrical devices such as motors, transformers, vehicles, etc.
  • These fuses are utilised in motor stator stators.

Advantages Of HRC Fuses

The following are some of the benefits of using HRC fuses.

  • When compared to other types, these are less expensive.
  • Simple and easy to design
  • There is no need for upkeep.
  • Braking power is exceptional.
  • This consistently performs well.
  • Simple to use
  • The HRC Fuse can use the inverse time characteristic to defend against overload.

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