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How You Can Come Up With Impactful Video Ideas

We’re living in the digital world, and the conventional marketing style is not a viable option anymore. Now animated videos, either 2D or 3D like explainer videos or demo videos, are essential and effective marketing tools. Today, nobody can consider doing business without animated videos for product marketing and promotions. Such animated videos greatly serve to reach the target audience all around the globe in the easiest & quickest manner without spending huge dollars and efforts.

Animated videos like explainer videos have become ‘need of the day. Animated videos have become a necessity as they are mainly required to offer the products and services to retain, capture, and enhance a substantial number of customers easily and quickly.

Let’s discuss in this article how to come up with animated video ideas. Before that, let’s focus on an animated video and how animated videos impact the targeted audience of a business?

What is an Animated Video?

According to Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of the word ‘animated’ is full of life or excitement. Hence animated video can be described as “An animated video is a short video that delivers a complex business concept or idea in an exciting, simple and engaging manner.” Animated videos use Animation (moving images & figures) to convey the message to the audience as a visual message and verbal or voice-over message.

There are different types of animated videos as given below; however, mostly 2D & 3D animated videos are used as a marketing tool.

  • 2D Animation.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Stop motion.
  • Animations with a blend of live-action.
  • Motion graphics.
  • Whiteboard animations.
  • Wrapping up.

Why an Animated Video?

The primary benefit has already been stated above; however, the real reasons and advantages for having an Animated Video are followings:

  • Consumers prefer to listen & watch a video rather than reading long and tedious text materials.
  • Animated videos help in keeping viewer’s attention and engagement.

3) Animated video can transform complex business ideas into a simple, exciting audio-visual message.

4) Animated videos put a great impression on viewer’s minds as they can memorize and recall easily through animated videos.

5) Animated videos provide fun and excitement.

6) Animated videos can be created easily & quickly using many online available animated video-making tools.

Now we will discuss how to come up the ideas for an animated video.

How to Come Up with Ideas for Animated Video?

1. Outline Your Basic Ideas or Problems

First, you need to conceptualize and consider the basic ideas or problems you have in your mind to transform into an audio-video message. You must be clear and very specific about how your animated video conveys your message or solving your problem.

The following questions will help you determine and create the perfect animated video for your brand:

  • What is the core purpose of your animated video marketing or revenue-wise?
  • What do you want to accomplish from this animated video?
  • Who is your target audience for this animated video?
  • What will be the duration of the animated video?
  • What will be the media or platform of your animated video?
  • What is the central message you need to communicate from your animated video?
  • What kind of actions do you need from viewers after watching your animated video?
  • Who are the main competitors in the market for this animated video?

2. Decide on the Type of Video

You can brainstorm and decide the type of animated video. Is it 2D or 3D with or without a narrator? Is it a product explanation video or a demo video, or a brand promotion video? What about the video script? So, it this very important to decide on the type of video, considering various aspects and factors that can influence your video making. Do you need to add a famous character for your animated video?

3. Decide on the Platform of Video

It would help if you decided about using which platform would best suit your video. For example, do you need to upload on the company website, or will you use other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.?

4. Decide on Call-to-Action (CTAs) 

You can decide about what Call-to-Action (CTA) you would like to implement for your animated video. Do you need to get them sign-up for registration for receiving a newsletter or seeking email addresses for future business relations?

5. Build Storyboard for your Animated Video

It is vital to have a storyboard for your animated video. You can build the storyboard either manually or using online storyboarding tools like Animaker. Storyboard plays a crucial role in making animated video as it organizes animated video in a sequential manner scene-by-scene. It will portray a picture in advance to have an idea about your concepts and ideas and decide to make changes or improve your animated video.

6. Proceed to make Your Animated Video

Now the primary challenger comes here when you start making an animated video. You need to check and decide whether you will make an animated video by yourself or by available in-house resources through a separate dedicated team consisting of scriptwriters, animators, video editors, and voice-over person. You can also decide to outsource the work to a professional video-making firm. In all cases, your need to be very clear and specific about the scope of the video, timeline, and required budget. These three factors will decide on your strategy to make an animated video, but you should not compromise on the quality of the animated video in all cases.

7. Insert Consistent Background & Music and Narrate the Story 

Now you need to add appropriate consistent background and pleasant music to your video to engage the customer. However, if you need to decide the experience and theme very prudently, keeping in mind the nature of the product and the consumer behavior & mood for that particular product or brand. Moreover, you must be careful about the music’s copyright before using it otherwise; you should opt for free versions available online.

Finally, you need to narrate the story of your animated video. For this again, you can do it yourself or through in-house resources, or you can hire a professional quality voice-over artist.


The power of animated videos is undoubtedly proven in today’s business world since animated videos provide an incredible opportunity to grow and expand your business by engaging customers’ attraction and emotions. Animated videos are now the most versatile marketing tool that can upload on view on various media platforms on handy smart mobile phones all around the globe.

Considering the points discussed above in this article, one can say that animated videos have the potential to raise the business level and growth beyond imagination.

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