Thursday, December 2, 2021

How to use a USB drive in the best way?

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Data backup has become an essential need nowadays. There are various options in the market to have a data backup like a USB drive, CDs, Solid State Drives, etc. Everyone prefers to store the data in some other device as a backup so that in case of data loss, one doesn't have to bear any sort of loss. One should choose the device for backup carefully, keeping in mind the volume of data. Such backup devices come in different memories, and prices quoted for the same are also on the basis of their storage capacity. USB drive is one of the backup plans you go for in case of heavy data. Many companies offer USB data recovery services, but you should choose the best one after analyzing it as your data is precious, and losing it can lead you to heavy losses. Many people are unaware of the uses of flash drives. The best ways in which you can use your flash drive are given below: 

  • Key to your PC: Weird to hear, but flash drives can act as a physical key to your computers. You can lock or unlock your computer system with a flash drive through the predators as they turn the flash drives into the access control device. For instance, if you remove the flash drive, your computer will get locked, and inserting it back, it will be unlocked. It works as a lock feature works in windows, but in the case of a flash drive, you don't have to type any password, as in the case of windows, by simply plugging in the flash drive, you can unlock your PC. Therefore, you have to install a predator on your PC to use the flash drive as a key to your computer.
  • Windows Recovery Drive: you should not wait till your PC window breaks down. You can create a window recovery drive by using your USB flash drive. You can use a spare USB stick that is of no use to you for creating a window recovery drive. It is advisable to use a flash drive with 16-bit storage so that if a window is required to be reinstalled, it can be done simultaneously. If your drive doesn't have more space for storage, you should keep it safely somewhere, as in case you need the data in the future, you can access it through the flash drive.
  • Carry data along with you: If you plan to travel somewhere, you think that data is essential, and you might have to use it while out of town. Instead of carrying your laptop or PC with you, it is more convenient to carry a small device as a USB drive with your transferring all your data in the same. Moreover, If you are traveling abroad, you are advised to carry all the essential documents with you, like a printout of ID, passport, etc. It is advisable to store all these in your flash drive and soft copy. In case you lose the hard copy of any document, you will not face any issue as you can show the soft copy of the essential documents if somebody checks on you.

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