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How to Unclog a Toilet in 3 Simple Ways 

Toilet flushes are always taken for granted. We tend to eliminate the fact that they need special attention to ensure proper hygiene and working. Toilets often get clogged due to our negligence, and the fact that we ignore them makes it even worse. We don’t learn to unclog a toilet until we start working on it. Unclogging a toilet bowl is not as tricky and nasty as you think. All you need to do is follow some definite steps and bring some equipment to get your work done efficiently. 

The bathroom business is always a priority on the list of things we make. But the fact that once or ever we feel this urgency to unclog our clogged toilets. So, why not make it consistent or use simple ways to unclog the toilets and keep your lives hassle-free? Here are some of the simple tips to unclog your toilet. 

Use the Plunger

Every home needs a plunger because it is the best way to unclog a toilet. Different plungers are available – some with flat surfaces, some with a flange designed to unclog toilets. While using a plunger, follow these steps: 

  • Insert the plunger into the bowl and keep pushing until you hold the seal. The first push lets you hold the air. Don’t push forcefully; it could splash dirty water on you. 
  • Pump the plunger with some force up and down the bowl. Finally, pull the plunger to release the air seal when you feel the seal. This allows the water to rush drown the drain. 
  • You can also use a hair unblocker instead of a plunger for slight clogs; it works well. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

These two agents are always the best cleaning sources. To your surprise, they can be used to unclog toilets as well. Turn to the non-toxic agent, which is the best limescale remover. Along with unclogging, you also get a clean toilet bowl free of stains. 

  • Add a cup of baking soda over the clogged bowl. 
  • Please wait a few minutes and slowly pour one or two cups of vinegar over it. When vinegar and soda react, they form bubbles, so make sure you pour them cautiously to avoid overflow. 
  • Let the mixture work for some time. 
  • After 10 minutes, flush the toilet to check whether the clog remains. 

Plumbing Snake

Just like a plunger, plumbing snakes are often handy for any household. To properly use a snake, 

  • Place the head inside the toilet bowl.
  • Slowly turn the augur’s handle in a clockwise direction.
  • Wind the snake backward when you feel the resistance.
  • Flush the toilet and check if the clog has loosened.

Bottom Line

Nothing to worry about if your toilet bowl gets clogged. Stuff happens, and you often feel embarrassed about it. Now is when you need to realize that even toilets need special attention and cleaning space. However, there are multiple ways to unclog your toilet, some of which are stated to you. With these simple steps, you will learn how to keep your clogged toilet from overflowing and which tools are required for the process. 

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