How To Style Co-ords For A Casual Look 

Co ords for women are very versatile pieces of clothing. It’s actually easy to work with co-ords as long as you know the style you want to show off. This two-peice clothing can let you sport a casual look or be worn for semi-formal occasions. To achieve a casual look with co-ords, the trick lies with the accessories you use and the footwear you choose.

To help you with styling co-ords, we rounded up important tips on wearing them for a casual look. Don’t forget to take notes for your next casual hangout!

Choose your co-ord style 

There are three styles of co ords for women that you can choose from — skirt co-ords, shorts co-ords and pants co-ords. All of these styles can definitely be used for casual wear and owning one piece of each are totally worth it.


For skirt co-ords, opt for printed and textured styles for a casual fit. Common skirt co-ords are figure-hugging but for a more casual look, you can opt for printed, sleeveless crop tops with matching maxi skirts.

If you’re going for a casual look using shorts co-ords, colorful or floral prints are your best choices. They’re best to use on a beach day or spending time at the mall. Shorts co-ords are also perfect for a comfortable day out on hot days.

When choosing pants co-ords for a casual look, grab ones that lean more into athleisure or loungewear. These are ideal for a chill and casual hangout during cuddle weather. 


Even on casual looks, it’s always better to use accessories so your outfit wouldn’t look dull. Just always be careful in accessorizing because too much of it might break your whole style.

On skirt co-ords, opt for minimalist pieces for your earring, necklace, bracelet or watch and ring. For your earring, you can use stud earrings or small hoop earrings for an elegant but casual look pairing it with a solitaire or pendant necklace. You can match them with a small tennis bracelet and contemporary gemstone ring.

For short co-ords, jewelry layering is fine as long as you choose which jewelry you want to layer. For earrings, teardrop and stud earrings will complement the look very well. For layered jewelry, choose one among necklaces, bracelets or rings then keep the others minimal.

Accessories for your pants co-ords shouldn’t go over the top, give more attention to the necklace. Use either chunky ones or long ones to match your casual pants co-ords. You can either go without a bracelet or without a ring when you opt for athleisure or loungewear. For earrings, use small ones so you still look chill and relaxed.

The Right Footwear

To finish your look, you need to choose the right shoes that would go well with your co-ords. Complete your casual look by selecting your most comfortable footwear. You’ll never go wrong with white sneakers, platform shoes or flat sandals to match with your chosen co-ord style. These two both go well with any style whether you choose skirt, shorts or pants co-ords. Use a classic white sneakers for a more relaxed and casual look. If you’re going for a more chic and casual style, use flat sandals like mules, strappy sandals or sliders. Alternatively, you can use platform shoes if you’re up for playful casual.

Final Note

Styling co ords for women can be so much fun even if you’re opting for a casual look. Just don’t get carried away because you might over-exaggerate. Remember to choose your accessories carefully and find the matching footwear to make the style work.

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